Palm Reading with Carolina

Palm Reading Carolina

What is Palm Reading?

A Palm Reading can be helpful in many ways, it can give you an insight into relationships, direction in a career, help with family concerns or give you guidance in a health matter and can also help in determining the kind of person you are. It can also reveal any spiritual gifts not yet discovered. What is not commonly known is that the lines on your hands do change, and so palmistry can be used either for clarification that you are on the right track or to see if you are heading in the wrong direction and that its time to take action. In a typical reading Carolina takes a look into your past, present and future to help you go forward in your life.

About Carolina

Carolina has been a Palmist for 19 years and has read thousands of palms during this time. She is also a  Reiki Master, Soul Coach and Space Clearer. She is also the founder of Quest which is Surreys new age and holistic centre based in Epsom, Surrey. Carolina has a busy practice seeing clients on a regular basis helping them to manifest what it is they want in their lives by helping them to connect with their higher selves and the infinite possibilities. Carolina started on her own spiritual journey in 1996 and has been influenced, trained and developed her pleothera of skills with top teachers such as Peter West (author of many palmistry books), Brandon Bays The Journey™, Changing Lives™, Christian Kyraicou The House Whisperer, Doreen Virtue, Karen Kingston, the teachings of Mir Bashir. Carolina is a wife as well as a mother and loves working at Quest. She keeps herself clear by having regular Journey sessions, healing, acupuncture, practices daily meditation and Pilates.

What others say

"An uplifting reading at a time when I really needed it! Very accrate, insightful and encouraging reading. Delivered tome in a supportive, empowering manner. Everything mentioned has happened and I can't rate Carolina high enough......amazing. Jen, Banstead

"Thank you for a fantastic palm reading." Julie.

"You really know what you are doing. Thank you for giving me an insight into my life." Lucy.

"Thank you so much, I have a nice calm feeling now and you have helped me to believe in the things I want to do." Chloe.


Please call Quest on 01372 878 606 to make your appointment. £40 for 30 minutes.

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