Midsummer Green Man Wall Plaque

The Green Man is traditionally seen as a celebration of nature, fertility and the cycle of life. ..

Preseli Bluestone Green Man Carving

Preseli Bluestone Green Man CarvingPreseli Bluestone is the stone used to build Stonehenge around 50..

Spell Kit for Health

Spell Kit for Health A velvet pouch containing a clear quartz point for healing, a snowflake obsi..

Spell Kit for Love

A velvet pouch containing a rose quartz tumblestone for self-love and romance, an apatite tumbleston..

Spell Kit For Protection

A velvet pouch containing a blue howlite tumblestone for protection, a jet tumblestone for protectio..

Spell Kit for Wealth & Abundance

Spell Kit for Wealth & Abundance in a velvet pouch containing a citrine tumblestone to encourage..

The Witching Hour Canvas Wall Plaque design by Lisa Parker

The Witching Hour design by Lisa Parker canvas wall plaque on a wooden frame. Designed by Lisa Pa..

Tree Man Ash Catcher

Green Man Tree Man Incense Holder Ash Catcher A lovely ash catcher featuring a tree man face with..

Wildwood Goblet

A Wildwood Goblet. A detailed goblet featuring a stern Green Man. The perfect addition to an alta..

Wildwood Tealight Holder

A delightful Wildwood Tealight Holder with a Green Man face.The Green man has been traced back as fa..

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