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Energy Clearing for the New Year!

The New Year is the perfect time to clear out any negative, stale energy that has built up in the home – especially as we’ve all been spending more time indoors these last few years – and get your home ready for a healthy and happy new year!

If you’ve never heard or done a space clearing before, we’re here to help. To begin, you need to understand that everything is built up with the same energy – meaning that you are the same energy as your home. Because of this, our energy can impact our homes and vice versa. For example, think of a time where you had an argument in your home. Do you remember feeling the tension in the air? Did you feel uncomfortable? This is because our negative energy has changed the energy within our home.

Another important aspect is that negative energy can build up and become stale in your home. This is when your home’s energy can impact you. Do you ever come home from a hard day at work and instead of finding comfort, you feel heavy and stressed? This is the build-up of energy within your home weighing you down.

This is where energy clearing comes in. By removing all this stale negative energy, you’re helping other positive energy flow freely through your space. You can make your home feel comfortable, safe, relaxing and full of love. And the best thing is, it’s so easy to do and anyone can do it!

The first thing you need to do is assess and become aware of your home – do you have any clutter, do you have anything that is broken or not working? Do you have clothes or other things that you no longer use? What areas of your home need your attention? Are there any areas that need repairing? Clutter is great for collecting stale, negative energy so it’s better to have less. Clear out your clutter to make room for new, positive energies.

The next step is to clear any stale, negative energy around your home and fill it with positive energy. To prepare for this you will need a sage stick, some Silver Nitiraj incense or Basilica granule incense. Our Energy Clearing Box has everything you need!

Before you start the clearing, spend some time thinking about how you would like to feel in your home – how would you like your family to be? Maybe you want it to feel calm, peaceful, happy or loving? Next, think of a symbol that represents what you want to feel – for example if you want to feel love your symbol could be red hearts, or if you want calm it could be an amethyst. You don’t need to buy these things but it’s important to hold these images in your mind.

Once you’ve done this, light your weapon of choice, go round every room and visualise the energy being cleared. Make sure you waft the smoke into all the corners and crevices with your intention to energy clear firmly set in your mind! Do this until you feel like it’s done. At this point, you can either stump out up the sage/ incense or let it burn down.

Now that you’ve energy cleared, there will be a void left in your home. If you don’t fill it, then the negative energy you’ve just removed is going to creep it’s way back in! This is where those symbols we thought of earlier come in. Find a quiet space in your home and think of those symbols again, but this time imagine them filling the spaces of your home. Think of those red hearts expanding in your living room, and the amethyst sparkling in your bedroom. This is you filling your home’s energy with love and peace. Again, do this until you feel it’s done.

And that’s it! Your home’s energy is now working with you rather than against you. You’ve set yourself up for an exciting 2022 full of opportunity, love and happiness. At this stage, you can also work on the Feng Shui of your home – but that’s for another day!

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy being at home.


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The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Salt!

Salt itself is a mineral that has been used for many years across the world. Traditionally, people visited salt mines and caves to improve their mood and overall sense of calm. With their new popularity, , there are now endless products that can help improve your mood without having to go to a salt cave!

So how does Himalayan Salt work?
It’s all about ions. Salt is abundant in negative ions and can help counteract and balance any positive ions in the air or your body. These positive ions can be caused by electromagnetic devices, radiation, negative energy, and excess moisture etc.

Think of a thunderstorm. Usually, you can feel the tension in the air before it strikes. This is because there is a build-up of positive ions released from the electrical charge of the storm. It feels heavy. Then the storm breaks and the rain falls. The rain is full of salt, and the negative irons balance out the positive ions. This makes the air feel clearer and more comfortable.

This is the exact same thing that’s happens to you. By letting the Himalayan salt counteract any ions in your home and body, you will feel more comfortable and at ease. It can absorb any of the electronic radiation from your devices, helping you to sleep better. It helps filter the air, removing any foreign particles so you can breathe better (especially if you suffer with allergens). Look at our salt lamps – they have endless benefits and look fantastic too!

Himalayan Bath Salts are fantastic at clearing your energy and removing any negative energy or blockages. It can help rebalance and reactive our body’s electrical current, stimulate blood circulation and increase moisture retention.

A Himalayan Salt oil burner has two uses in one! Like a traditional oil burner, you add your favourite essential oils to the top with some water. The Himalayan salt tealight holder below will heat up the oil mixture and release the smell into the air. Not only do you feel the benefit from the salt, but also from all the different essential oils.


Qigong & it’s benefits!

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese healing practice that combines meditation, controlled breathing and slow, gentle movements. The aim is to stimulate the flow of qi throughout the body to improve wellbeing, both mentally and physically. ‘Qi’ roughly translates to vital life force or energy, whereas ‘gong’ translates to mastery – therefore ‘Qigong’ is the mastery of ones energy.

The origins of Qigong date back thousands of years! It’s believed to have been started by tribes in China as part of a dance, with the specific movements strengthening the members and helping them ward of diseases. Over time, these movements were systematised to create movements that could be practiced every day. It is said that one of China’s legendary founding emperors practiced Qigong every day – and he lived well over 100 years!

During 500BC to 220AD, Chinese scholars and sages developed various practices and philosophies, including Qigong, believed to achieve immortality. Whilst they didn’t quite achieve this, they did discover that the ‘elixir of life’ resides within each of us and that by cultivating it every day, you could live a long and healthy life.

Since then Qigong has been practiced and developed by a wide range of people, from monks to warriors, to intellectuals and ordinary people. All usually aiming for 3 different purposes – martial, medical, or meditative.

The possible benefits of Qigong are endless!

  • The gentle movement and strengthening of the muscles can help release tension that may have been there for years
  • The controlled movement can increase balance and flexibility
  • The slow breathing activates the ‘rest and digest’ system of your body – reducing stress and anxiety
  • The combination of exercise and meditation can improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of chronic disease
  • Regular practice of qigong can improve focus and help regulate thoughts

The best thing about qigong is that it can be practiced by anyone – no matter the age or gender or fitness level.

We have two online Qigong courses running in January and February, so start the New Year by learning a new skill and improving your wellbeing! Find more information about them here.