Angel Coins

Angel Coins make a wonderful gift for a loved one.
They are comforting to carry around as a reminder that the Angels are always with us.

Angel of Courage - Coin

This beautiful coin features an Angel of Courage on the front, and a lion and lamb on the back. The ..

Blessing Coin

This beautiful Angel coin has an Angel kneeling on front with a Blessing Poem printed on the back. T..

Earth Angel Coin

This beautiful coin features an Angel holding the world on the front reading 'Protected by Angels', ..

Protected by Angels - Coin

This beautiful coin features a graceful dove with "In God we trust" on the front. A guardian angel w..

Reach for the Stars - Angel Coin

The beautiful AngeLight graces the front of this coin, with the words Hope *Wisdom *Inspiration *Cou..

Reflections Angel Coin

This beautiful Reflections Angel coin features a graceful feather on its front and reads 'Protected ..

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