Listening to soothing music and helping to relax the mind and body has been found to have many therapeutic and healing  benefits. Music can be used in many ways from starting your day filled with inner peace and harmony to aiding restful sleep or helping you overcome difficulties and problems by calming emotional turmoil. You can also improve your meditation practice by listening to guided meditations and connecting with the deep stillness within you.

Angels by various Artists

Angels is a compilation CD of inspirational angel music by artists such as Llewellyn and Kevin Kendl..

Guided Meditations CD by Carolina, The Soul Coach

A great CD for seasoned meditators or those who are just starting out. Filled with peaceful guided t..

Medicine Woman by Medwyn Goodall

Medwyn uses traditional instruments and rhythms to celebrate the power of the Feminine. Through t..

Mind Calm Meditations CD

Guided meditations to help ease your worries, sleep better and feel more calm & confident. ..

Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief

Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief CD A unique meditation programme containing three meditations..

Sleep by Midori

Sleep is incredibly important to us and we all need different amounts of sleep.  If you find sl..

The Way of the Ocean

The Way of the Ocean. Dolphins and Orca Whales sing out among the sound of waves and Medwyn's delica..

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