Angel Sprays

Angel of Ascension - Angel Essence Spray by Hazel Raven

This is the essence of Cosmic Consciousness and Light Body Activation. This amazing high vibratio..

Archangel Chamuel's Embrace - Angel Essence Spray

Angelic Love (God's Love). This Divinely-guided essence ignites and expands the flame of pure unc..

Archangel Haniels Glory - Angel Essence Spray

Archangel Haniels Glory A warrior energy, providing spiritual armour to protect your soul when f..

Archangel Uriels Initiation - Angel Essence Spray

Angelic Peace and Illumination Archangel Uriel brings wisdom to our 'Earth walk' and illuminates..

Ascension into Cosmic Consciousness - Angel Essence Spray

This angelic essence supports enhanced states of cosmic awareness, Soul Star activation and integrat..

Christ Consciousness Essence Spray

The Christ Consciousness essence is used to connect yourself more consciously with the power of the ..

Fairy Essence Aura Spray by Hazel Raven

Fairy aura essence spray will encourage living in harmony with the elemental forces creating positiv..

Melchizedek - Angel Essence Spray

Merkavah Mysticism Keys to the Kingdom - Secrets of the Holy of Holies. Anchors the Christ ..

Pleiadean Star - Angel Essence Spray

This angelic essence awakens your connection to the Pleiadean star system. These seven mystical star..

Raven Essence Spray by Hazel Raven

This essence can aid divination skills and past-life work. Magical Raven is the Divine messenger bri..

Uplifting Self-Care Kit

In this kit we’ve picked high-quality products that we know will help lift your mood and hopefu..

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