Animal Suncatchers

Hanging Glass Fish

Hanging Glass FishA delightful Glass Fish handmade & hand painted in beautiful peacock colours, ..

Multi Coloured Bird Suncatcher

A string of 5 colourful love birds with little red hearts in between each one. Extremely eye catchin..

Mystical Hare & Moon Suncatcher

Mystical Hare & Moon Suncatcher complete with a gorgeous cascade of blue & purple crystals, ..

Owl Suncatcher String

An attractive suncatcher string of five multi colour resin owls decorated with coloured beads and fi..

Purple Glass Butterfly Suncatcher

Hang this beautiful purple coloured Butterfly Suncatcher in front of a light and watch a beautiful r..

Robin Suncatcher

A cute robin made of resin. Watch it the colours light up in the sun when hung in a window. Size: H:..

Tropical Hanging Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher

This hand-blown glass Tropical Hummingbird has delicate multi-coloured wings, with a magni..

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