Unicorn Space Aroma by Star Child 5ml

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A symbol of spiritual love, the unicorn represents the quest for truth and purity. Only a virgin is said to be able to tame this wild, yet shy creature. It great horn is reputed to render harmless the poison of snakes and was also said to possess great aphrodisiac powers (which is probably why it was so popular with the virgins...). It symbolises the male creative spirit and life-force within nature. Use this Space Aroma to attune to the pure source of the creative energy embodied by the Unicorn.

Magical Infusions: SUN, MOON

Inspired by the realm of mythical creatures, spaces and places, these Space Aromas can be used to attune to the world of fantasy and enchantment, where gnomes and dragons dwell and magic happens. These delightful fragrances give wings to the imagination and entice us to visit the realms of the little folk.

Supplied in a 5ml bottle with information leaflet.

Star Child Space Aromas contain only pure essential oils and absolutes that have been potentized with our unique magical herbal infusions. Each aroma is designed with a specific purpose, astrological energy or deity in mind, though the versatility of their application is only limited by your imagination.

Never use Space Aromas internally. Do not apply neat to the skin. The recommended standard dilution is 1-3% for use in massage, bath or perfume oil blends. Test on a small area of skin on the inner arm first before using any oil more liberally as a bath, massage or perfume oil. Keep all oils out of the reach of children and pets. Never allow Space Aromas to enter the eyes. If you are pregnant or are suffering from any serious medical conditions we do not recommend you using any of our space aroma blends as massage, bath or perfume oils.

Space Aromas consist of carefully chosen essential oil blends. As such they behave just like essential oils: they will evaporate and 'fly off' if stored incorrectly. Always keep the lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

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