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Aura Sensing & Clearing with Kathy

Kathy offers aura sensing and healing, working with energy to balance and harmonise the energetic field around the body. Kathy also removes blocks of all types from the auric field, and offers chakra balancing and soul retrieval. Aura sessions involve the removal of emotional blockages and can help with releasing fear, grief, anger and sadness.

Kathy is an Aura Medium and Clairvoyant; readings are given and loved ones can come through from spirit, with messages of hope and support. She has had a lot of success, and many recommendations from clients who speak highly of her accuracy and ability. Kathy takes great pride in helping her clients release patterns that they have had for years, and seeing them grow. Emotional blocks can be stuck in our Auric field for years and, when finally released, can cause a great feeling of relief.

Please call Quest on 01372 878 606 to make your 2022 appointment – £125 for 1 Hour 

A word from Kathy

“Many of my clients have asked ” What is it you actually do?” This, in itself is a difficult thing to answer, as it encompasses many disciplines. On a fundamental level the work that I do is Shamanic. I travel through the client’s aura in search of missing pieces. We are all just energy. Our body is merely a vehicle for us to move around the Earth Plane. Our energy can separate for many reasons and, in an Aura session, I often find the best thing for the client is to reintegrate these lost-soul fragments. Soul retrieval and soul essence fragments can be lost over many generations. I use my higher energy helpers, and often the client’s helpers as well, for full access to the soul. I practise Core Shamanism and many other aspects of that. My expertise, I feel, is a natural ability to tap into all realms, so I have often encountered Past Life Fragments, Spirit Attachments, Ancestral Bonds, Soul Fragmentation and Recapulation. The weirder the energy, the more exciting it is to work with. We are all lost fragments to some degree, and I feel so blessed to be gifted with the ability to help others find their own. There are many forms of energy in this world. I think it is just knowing and allowing that to present itself”



“Dear Kathy 

I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I’m a changed man since my appointment with you last Wednesday morning! All the background noise which has dogged me for so many years has totally dissipated. I really can’t begin to understand what you did or how you did it, but that hardly matters – years of misery are behind me, hopefully for good. You have changed my life so much for the better and I cannot thank you enough.”

Mystery Review of … Having an Aura Reading at Quest with Kathy Mingo by Sue Editor SM7 Magazine

Crystals, palm readings, meditation, psychics – none of these have ever been of great interest to me. However, I recently was given the opportunity to have a personal aura sensing/clearing session at Quest in Ewell Village. As my life’s motto has always been ‘never regret NOT having done something’ I felt obliged to take part.

Walking into this cozy shop I was bombarded with candles, crystals, faeries, jewellery and items that I could not even describe. But most intriguing were the number of customers browsing. They were not all there to purchase trinkets, many were enquiring and booking sessions for various therapies. The offering was surprising, as you could make an appointment with anyone from a handwriting analyst to various massage therapists to mediums and psychics. I counted 29 regular therapies on offer, which does not include the special evening with famous spiritualists that the events calendar listed.

Kathy, my aura reader, met me and we popped upstairs with a cup of tea. She was nothing like I had expected. There was not a kaftan, bangly bracelet or burning candle in sight. She was very interesting and had a quite balanced view of spiritual healing, which immediately put me at ease.

Then, the time had finally come to read my aura. Kathy described this as being a number of layers surrounding your body which act to protect you from illness, negativity and to maintain your physical and emotional health. The layer closest to your body she referred to as being just like a TV ad with the Ready Break Kid (I now had an image I could work with).

I laid down on a heated massage table, fully clothed, and Kathy went to work. Without ever actually touching me she seemed to wade through my physical aura (which was on one side of my body) while relaying her assessment. She was certainly accurate in her analysis of my attitude, work ethic and general outlook on life. It was also reassuring to hear that she felt no major illness or underlying health issues.

The really intriguing element of this session began when she walked around the table to read the spiritual side of my aura. Kathy explained that my ‘third eye’ was very open – which indicated that I was receptive and open minded to new ideas or the unknown. When entering this space, she stopped and said that there were ‘people’ who wished to communicate with me, but that it was totally my choice to let them through or not.

Not really believing this was happening, I allowed the doors to open and Kathy began relaying details that these souls wanted me to know. She physically described relatives and one friend who had been part of my life and gave me very specific details. Some were so accurate and personal that I could not deny their validity. She did this all by feeling the space around my body.

The purpose of an aura session is healing, so through the connection she made with one my family members, she helped to remove years of guilt I’ve harboured since their death. She relayed poignant thoughts as well as funny situations. The visions that she described were spookily accurate – yet I never felt frightened. It was simply inspiring.

When relaying this amazing experience to a selected few friends and relatives, I understandably received mixed comments. Some were very sceptical and others were entranced. I believe that Kathy has some kind of gift; however, she denies this is by stating that everyone has the ability to do what she does, and that the ‘gift’ is just understanding how to tap into that knowledge.

Even a week later, on reflection, I still feel quite strongly that Kathy helped me to experience one of the most mind-boggling adventures of my life. It may not be to everyone’s liking, but this is surely something that everyone should at least consider putting on their ‘to do’ list!


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