Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade

Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade A beautiful hanging Suncatcher to add some gorgeous colour to your wi..

Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade

A Gorgeous Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade. The colours in this crystal cascade represent the colours of..

Chakra Keyring

A lovely keyring made with 7 different crystals. Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Quartz, Citrine, ..

Chakra Orgonite Pyramid

This Orgonite pyramid features crystals that represent each of the Chakras. Use it to protect agains..

Chakra Pendulum

Balance your Chakras with this pendulum that features a gem for each of the 7 energy centres. Comes ..

Chakra set

Velvet wrap containing 10 polished crystal Chakra discs, a Natural Quartz point and a Citrine t..

Crystal Heart Spiral Suncatcher

A stunning cascade of Swarovski crystals, this suncatcher features 12 rainbow heart crystals and is ..

Tumblestone Chakra Set

This Chakra Set comes in a beautiful Organza Bag and can be used to clear, balance and harmonis..

Wooden Chakra Wand

This unique hand made Wooden Wand features the seven chakra crystals encrusted upon one of its sides..

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