Crystal Healer Level 1 Course

Crystal Healing Certified Level 1 Course - A two day course with Philip Permutt 

Next date TBA  10:30am - 4:30pm - Hartsfield Manor, Betchworth Surrey - £185.

"Very powerful... Amazing!... I feel different from when I came - some things have changed for me and the unlimited possibilities of crystals" (Hazel, Northampton)

Philip Permutt is author of the international best sellers The Crystal Healer, The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures, The Crystal Tarot (book and card set), The Book of Crystal Grids, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Chakra Healing and, co-written with Lyn Palmer, Sacred Stones and Crystals.

"Having completed Crystal Healing Level One with Philip... I would thoroughly recommend this course to any one wanting to deepen their relationship with crystals.  As a therapist this has given me the knowledge and practical application to add this valuable modality to my practice." Suzanne (Harmony, Hitchin)

The Course will include :
* Q & A
* Crystal balls, history, crystal skulls, scrying, meditation, space clearing, distant healing, earth healing, dumping
* Programming crystals, why, how
* Stress, fight and flight response/relaxation response
* Heart centre, physical, emotional, spiritual, crystals
* Cleansing, why, different methods for cleansing crystals, crystals for cleansing the body
* Treatments basic introduction, room, crystals, music, incense/oils, windows, floor or therapy bed/couch, colour, preparing yourself, your client
* How to work with crystals part 3, Laying on of stones, 17 point treatment plan, greeting, consent forms, what does the client need?  Free-crystal, body gridding, quartz stars, amethyst trails, brushing aura, sealing aura
* How to work with crystals part 2, Crystal chakra sets, self-healing, healing others
* The Energy System, chakras, what, where, why, which and how, major chakras, minor chakras, meridians (nadis), balance
* How to work with crystals part 1, Pendulum dowsing, selecting crystals, intuition, reference books
* What is healing?
* Crystal healing: physical pain
* Crystal energy experience
* Protection, Grounding
* Cleansing crystals
* How crystals work, crystals in technology, crystals in healing
* Energy, transmuting energy
* Sources of information, recommended reading, intuition, pendulum dowsing
* Introduction to crystals, what they are, how they are formed, identifying crystals (on-going throughout)

Crystals have a wonderful natural energy of their own. They are easy to work with for self-healing, self-development and treating clients. This course weekend workshop involves discussions and practical work with crystals, how crystals work, what crystals do and how to work with crystals. We will also explore the many ways that crystals link to other therapies such as Reiki. Philip's Crystal Course now in its 26th year! The crystal course is certified.

Call 01372 878606 to book your place today (limited places)

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