Citrine Geode

Citrine Geode

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*Important* MUST be able to collect from store in Epsom or be available for local delivery to Epsom.

An absolutely gorgeous citrine geode that is perfect for your wealth corner.

Citrine is a lovely crystal that holds the energy of the sun and is the stone of abundance & prosperity. It can improve confidence, self image and quality of life. Brings light, joy and wealth. Very good for those in business and education - stimulates your mental powers, helps you to focus and clarify your thoughts, especially in problem solving and finding solutions. Enhances creativity, intelligence and decisiveness. Helps you to control your emotions, balances Yin and Yang. A stone that never needs cleansing. Citrine is said to be good for diabetes, spleen, digestion and blood.

Size approx: L:21cm x W:29cm x D:13.5cm

Weight approx: 5.5g

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