Crystal Rainbow Makers

Angel Wing Amethyst Swarovski Rainbow Maker

Handmade in the UK this is an exquisite Amethyst Angel Wing Heart suncatcher/rainbowmaker. With a mi..

Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade

Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade A beautiful hanging Suncatcher to add some gorgeous colour to your wi..

Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade

A Gorgeous Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade. The colours in this crystal cascade represent the colours of..

Chakra Crystal Heart Rainbow Maker

Add a beautiful touch of colour to your window with this sparkly heart shaped rainbow maker that evo..

Heart Cascade Rainbow Maker

A beautiful Swarovski Heart Crystal Cascade Suncatcher featuring pink and clear faceted crystals. ..

Icicle Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker

A beautiful icicle-shaped Swarovski crystal hung from a silver chain. Place in a window or near..

Moonlight Swarovski Crystal Spiral Rainbow Maker

This stunning rainbow maker features 12 blue star crystals and is finished with a brilliant clear 27..

Swarovski Chakra Crystal Cascade

A stunning Chakra Crystal Cascade with a beautiful faceted dahlia crystal below, suspended by tiny c..

Swarovski Crystal Ball

A perfectly polished and faceted Swarovski Crystal Ball. With countless triangular facets,..

Swarovski Crystal Hearts Rainbow Maker

A Gorgeous Swarovski crystal Hearts  spiral Rainbow Maker with a clear Swarovski 28 mm crystal ..

Swarovski Faceted Ball Rainbow Maker

A perfectly polished, perfectly brilliant Swarovski crystal faceted ball.  With dozens and doze..

Swarovski Star Rainbow Maker

Create beautiful rainbows in your room with this Swarovski Star Cascade rainbow maker. Crystal st..

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