Crystal Sets

5 'Must Have Crystals'

These '5 must have crystals' are ideal to help create and maintain a happy healthy home.  Cr..

5 Must Have Crystals for Your Home

Incorporating crystals into your home can be so beneficial for your life. They can help soothe ..

Chakra set

Velvet wrap containing 10 polished crystal Chakra discs, a Natural Quartz point and a Citrine t..

Crystal Set for 2021

Our latest crystal set contains crystals specifically chosen with 2021 in mind. We have taken advice..

Crystal Set for Anxiety

Crystal Set for Anxiety includes:-BANDED ONYX - Helps to soothe emotional & physical stresses.JA..

Crystal Set For Calm & Relaxation

Crystal Set For Calm & Relaxation includes:-AMETHYST - For Calming.AGATE - Acceptance.BLUE ..

Crystal Set for Cancer Support

Crystal Set for Cancer Support includes:-SMOKEY QUARTZ - Helps With Pain Relief & Chemother..

Crystal Set for Energising

Crystal Set for Energising includes:-CALCITE - For Vitality.CARNELIAN - Lifts The Emotions.CITR..

Crystal Set for Fertility

Crystal Set for Fertility includes:-MOONSTONE - For Feminine Energies.CARNELIAN - Encourages th..

Crystal Set for Grief

This crystal set has been put together to help ease the grief process. It comes in an organza bag wi..

Crystal Set for Happiness

Crystal set for Happiness Each set comes in its own organza bag* and consists of the following ..

Crystal Set for Health

Crystal Set for Health includes:-QUARTZ - The Master Healer. GREEN QUARTZ - Encourages Hea..

Crystal Set for Intuition

Enhance & develop your intuition with the help of this crystal set. It includes the following in..

Crystal Set for Love

Crystal set for Love Each set comes in its own organza bag* and consists of the following crystal..

Crystal Set for Meditation

This crystal set is a wonderful addition to any meditation practice, it includes the following cryst..

Crystal Set for New Mums

Crystal Set for New Mums includes:-CARNELIAN - For Joy.MOONSTONE - Balances The Hormones.AMETHY..

Crystal Set for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Crystal Set for Pregnancy & Childbirth includes:-MOONSTONE - Enhances Feminine Energie..

Crystal Set for Protection

Crystal Set for Protection includes:-FLUORITE - Psychic Protection.BLACK TOURMALINE - Abso..

Crystal Set for Psychic Ability

6 Crystals specially chosen to help those wishing to develop their psychic ability. Muscovite ..

Crystal Set for Self Healing

Use this crystal set to aid self healing and meditation*. Comes in a little organza bag, colour may ..

Crystal Set for Self-Worth

Use this crystal set to help increase your self-worth. Meditate with these stones, keep them on your..

Crystal Set for Sleep

Crystal Set for Sleep includes:-AMETHYST - For Peace.SMOKEY QUARTZ - Lifts Worries. HEMATI..

Crystal Set For Soul Healing

We love this crystal set designed to nurture and lift your soul.This set includes:Muscovite- Encoura..

Crystal Set for Study & Exams

Crystal Set for Study & Exams includes:-AMETHYST - For Calm.TIGERS EYE - Memory & Ambit..

Crystal Set for Teenagers

Crystal Set for Teenagers includes:-CARNELIAN - For Joy & Courage.BLUE SODALITE - Self-Este..

Crystal Set for University

Crystal Set for University includes:-BLUE LACE AGATE - For Friendship & Communication.AMETH..

Crystal Set for Vitality

Labradorite - A stone for transformation. Encourages strength and perseverance through change. It ba..

Crystal set for Wealth

Crystal set for Wealth Each set comes in its own organza bag* and consists of the following cryst..

Crystal Set To Help The Menopause

Crystal Set To Help The Menopause includes:-MOONSTONE - Healing Feminine Energies.BLUE LACE AGA..

Crystals for Divination

13 Crystals in a black velvet pouch that can be used for divination purposes. Crystals inc..

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