Tumblestones M-Z

Clear Quartz Tumblestone

Quartz crystals are 'tools', used to generate, transmit, receive, activate, locate, amplify, direct,..

Magnesite Tumblestone

Magnesite brings a deep peace to meditation and relaxation. It can help one to open their heart to l..

Malachite Tumblestone

Malachite is said to be a powerful emotional cleanser helping to remove past traumas, and negative e..

Merlinite Tumblestone

"Merlinite - the stone of wizards and alchemists." Merlinite awakens the power of the warrior in all..

Mookaite Tumblestone

Mookaite is said to encourage interest in new experience and adventures. Mookite is a very protec..

Moonstone Tumblestone

Moonstone is regarded as the stone of women and is associated with water and the Moon and is dedicat..

Moss Agate Tumblestone

Moss Agate has a very positive energy, it is said to increase hope and optimism and to improve self-..

Muscovite Tumblestone

Muscovite Tumble Stone - A mystic stone with a strong angelic contact. Tumblestones are tumble po..

Natural Cats Eye Tumblestone

Cats Eye tumblestone is thought to be a very lucky stone as it stimulates psychic abilities and enha..

Obsidian Sheen Tumblestone

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, appearing in a range of colours. It is one of the best groundi..

Ocean Jasper Tumblestone

This crystal can be used for emotional renewal and strength. It can help one to be more empathetic a..

Opal Tumblestone

Opal Tumble Stone is said to give healing to broken hearts, restoring harmony. Tumblestones are t..

Opalite Tumblestone

Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in medi..

Orange Calcite Tumblestone

Orange Calcite is said to be an energy amplifier, it is also believed to remove negative energy from..

Peach Aventurine Tumblestone

This lovely peach coloured crystal can help to quiet and centre the emotions. It's brilliant for med..

Polychrome Jasper Tumblestone

Polychrome Jasper is a very energising and revitalising stone. It promotes energy and passion and ca..

Rainbow Moonstone Tumblestone

Moonstone is strongly linked to the moon. The most powerful result of moonstone is that of calming t..

Red Aventurine Tumblestone

Red aventurine can help to boost vitality & mental alertness. It can help to increase determinat..

Red Jasper Tumblestone

Red Jasper is the supreme nurturer and gently encourages spiritual development. It is a good groundi..

Red Tigers Eye Tumblestone

Red Tigers Eye works to inspire enthusiasm and helps combat depression. Red Tigers Ey..

Rhodochrosite Tumblestone

Rhodochrosite is the perfect Tumblestone to help you attract love. Rhodochrosite also incr..

Rhodonite Tumblestone

Rhodonite TumblestoneRhodonite is widely held as an emotional healing stone and for bringing one bac..

Rose Quartz Tumblestone

Rose Quartz is a translucent or transparent pink crystal. It is known as the 'Love Stone' and is sai..

Rutilated Quartz Tumblestone

The golden brown needles in Rutilated Quartz are caused by the presence of Rutile or Titanium oxide...

Sardonyx Tumblestone

Sardonyx Tumble Stone, for strength and protection. Sardonyx is a great stone to help ensure a ..

Seftonite Tumblestone

Seftonite is a beautiful stone that is very grounding, protective & healing. It can help encoura..

Selenite Tumblestone

Selenite is a calming crystal that instils peace and is an excellent stone for meditation. Holding a..

Shungite Tumblestone

A tumbled and polished piece of Shungite. Shungite is an ancient stone that formed at least 2 billio..

Smokey Quartz Tumblestone

Smokey Quartz is a "Good Luck" talisman and protects from negative energies. Promotes creativit..

Snowflake Epidote Tumblestone

This crystal encourages recovery & regeneration. It lifts emotions and dissolves saddness. Desig..

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