Diffusers & Burners

Aqua Dotty Oil Burner

Aqua Dotty Oil BurnerA delightful aqua coloured oil burner featuring a white polka dot design. Perfe..

Blue Ceramic Oil Burner

Blue Ceramic Oil BurnerMade from ceramic and finished in a blue high gloss glazeUse this attractive ..

Brass incense Cone Burner

This Brass Incense Cone Burner makes it easy to enjoy your favourite incense cones. The classic desi..

Dragonfly Design Oil Burner

Dragonfly Design Oil Burner A charming white ceramic oil burner featuring a lovely cut-out dragon..

Kharis Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

The Kharis Aroma Diffuser embodies grace and beauty with style and elegance. Blending perfectly with..

White Ceramic Owl Oil Burner

An adorable white ceramic owl shaped oil burner. This oil burner is easy to use and compliments a..

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