Amethyst Dowser

Amethyst Dowser, a crystal of peace, calm and spirituality. Pendulum Dowsing has also been called d..

Aventurine Dowser

Aventurine Dowser. Aventurine is said to enhance self-esteem and harmony and is good for the heart c..

Blue Goldstone Dowser

Blue Golstone Crystal Pendulum for dowsing, comes complete with its own velvet bag. Blue Goldston..

Clear Quartz Dowser

Clear Quartz Dowser. Clear Quartz is said to be the master healing crystal, promoting healing and ha..

Dalmation Jasper Dowser

Dalmation Jasper Dowser, a stone of joy and playfulness.Pendulum Dowsing has also been called divini..

Pendulum Dowsing Book

In Pendulum Dowsing, Cassandra Eason teaches you the basic theory and practice of dowsing and explai..

Preseli Bluestone Pendulum
Out Of Stock

A gorgeous pendulum made from ancient Preseli Bluestone. This can be used in divination, to help ans..

Rose Quartz Pendulum

A beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum for dowsing that comes complete with its own velvet ba..

Shungite Pendulum
Out Of Stock

Shungite is an ancient stone that formed at least 2 billion years ago in Lake Onega in Russia. Use t..

Smokey Quartz Dowser

Smokey Quartz Dowser. Smokey Quartz is said to help with positive energy and inner strength. Pendul..

Tigers Eye Pendulum

Tigers Eye Crystal Pendulum for dowsing, comes complete with its own velvet bag. Total length inc..

Tree Agate Dowser

Tree Agate Dowser, brings the energy of nature, a stone for protection. Pendulum Dowsing has also be..

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