East of India

 ‘Friends Are Not Our Whole Lives But...’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A lovely cream porcelain hanging heart featuring potted plants with the words ‘Friends are not ..

 ‘It Doesn’t Matter Where You…’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A gorgeous cream porcelain hanging heart with a charming picture of trees and two dogs featuring th..

 ‘There Is Only One Happiness…’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A charming porcelain hanging heart with a vintage style featuring a lovely floral picture and the w..

"Reach for the Stars" Porcelain Star

The motivational message of 'Reach for the Stars' adorns this beautiful hanging star decoration. Thi..

"When it rains" Porcelain Star

This inspirational hanging star reads 'When it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for star..

'Friends Are Like Stars' Mug

A gorgeous cream coloured, porcelain mug featuring the words 'Friends are like stars you don't have ..

'You are the Brightest Star in my Sky' Porcelain Heart

A lovely hanging porcelain heart, a perfect gift for those you love. Size; 13.7cm x 6..

Ceramic Heart Coaster, This house runs on love

White ceramic Heart Coaster, felt backed, with the words.... This house runs on love laughter ..

Ceramic Heart Coaster, When it rains....

White ceramic Heart Coaster with the inspirational words.... When it rains look for rainbows wh..

Families..Porcelain Picture

This gorgeous cream coloured porcelain hanging features the words 'Families are like the branches on..

Good Friends are hard to find white ceramic mug

A beautiful Porcelain Mug with the words printed on the side:- 'Good friends are hard to fin..

Guardian Angel Porcelain Hanging Plaque

Guardian Angel Porcelain Hanging PlaqueAn oval handmade white Porcelain Hanging Plaque with the pict..

Guardian Angel Porcelain Pebble

A lovely porcelain pebble fearturing an angel figure on one side and the words 'Guardian Angel' on t..

Guardian Angels Up Above Porcelain Hanging Angel

A hanging porcelain ornament in the shape of an Angel that reads, "Guardian Angels Up Above Ple..

Hanging Porcelain Tree

This porcelain Christmas Tree features a lovely snowflake pattern and the words 'Merry Christmas' im..

Happiness is a Glass of Wine Porcelain Coaster

Happiness is a Glass of Wine Porcelain CoasterA charming porcelain heart coaster with a fun saying, ..

Life's Truest Happiness Porcelain Heart Coaster

East of India East of India Porcelain Heart Coaster with the words - "Life's Truest Happiness i..

Lifes Truest Happiness Ceramic Hanging Heart

A beautiful porcelain hanging heart a wonderful gesture of love and best wishes and good luck. Made..

Porcelain Coaster - People Walk Through Our Lives

Made from porcelain, this cute coaster reads "People walk through our lives but only true friends le..

Porcelain Hanging Guardian Angel

Porcelain Hanging Guardian Angel featuring the words 'Wherever you go, whatever you do may your guar..

Porcelain Heart Coaster "Good Friends"

Made from porcelain, this lovely heart coaster reads "Good friends are hard to find harder to leave ..

Porcelain Heart Coaster - Friends are Like Stars

Made from Porcelain, this lovely coaster reads "Friends are like stars you don't have to see them to..

When It Rains Porcelain Hanging Heart

Porcelain Hanging Heart A charming porcelain heart featuring a beautiful saying, perfect for brighte..

‘Love You to the Moon and Back’ Wobbly Porcelain Oval Sign

An oval shaped porcelain hanging sign featuring the words ‘Love you to the moon and back’ along..

‘Prosecco in Disguise’ Mug

A fun porcelain mug featuring the words ‘Prosecco in Disguise’ alongside two trees and flying ..

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