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How to Embrace the Uncertainty of Life

People are creatures of habit. When things go as planned, we feel in control and safe. But when life does not go according to plan, it can leave us feeling anxious and stressed. Even if we think life is predictable and constant, anything could change in a heartbeat.

However, we are always in a state of uncertainty, and we recognise this now more than ever. The only constant in life is change, and no matter how much you try and control the future, sometimes all you can do is trust in whatever happens. Knowing that we are always in a state of uncertainty makes coping with it much easier. Accept that uncertainty is not an indication that everything is going wrong, but that it is natural and you will be able to adapt and make the best of it, like you have done before.

People react differently to the uncertainty of life. Some embrace it, knowing that it is with uncertainty that new and exciting opportunities arise. However some struggle with the lack of control, believing that they are incapable of navigating through life’s uncertainties. They try and secure a safe and certain future, but feel stressed and anxious when life does not go according to plan. 

Here are some ideas to help you embrace the unknown. Remember to trust in the Universe, and know that you will be able to cope with whatever the future has in store.

  • Replace expectations with plans. If you make expectations of the future, you set yourself up for disappointment. If you expect the worse, you’ll be in a negative frame of mind that you won’t notice positive opportunities. If you expect the best, you’ll find it hard to live up to it. Instead of expecting the future, make plans on what you are going to do to create what you desire. For example, if you wanted a promotion or a certain job, then instead of expecting to get promoted or that there is no chance you will get this job, think of plans that you can do to reach this goal.

  • Avoid creating unrealistic scenarios. If something unexpected happens during our life, we immediately think of worst case scenarios and how it will affect our future. Quite often, these scenarios are overly dramatic and have a very small chance of actually happening. This is because our minds are used to having a negative response to change. If something unexpected does happen, try and train your mind to embrace it without thinking of the consequences. If you do need to think about how it will affect the future, limit it to the next couple of days rather than the next couple of years. This will keep you thinking realistically.

  • It usually isn’t the uncertainty that bothers people, rather the emotions associated with it. People want to feel safe and in control. They are fearful of what will happen if they lose this security. Nobody wants to feel scared and anxious, so they try their best to avoid the unknown. By observing these feelings, you understand that you are not afraid of uncertainty but afraid of feeling afraid. Thinking this way will give your feelings less power, allowing you to embrace the uncertainty.

  • Combat your stress. No matter how much we embrace the unknown, we can quite often feel stressed about our situations. Stress can negatively affect your body including higher blood pressure, headaches, shortness of breath and tiredness. By doing activities that lower your stress, such as meditating, will help you feel calm and centred. By not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with stress, you will feel more focused and able to tackle whatever the day brings you.

  • Whilst we are obsessing over our futures, we forget about the little things in life that we can control to make things easier. We are so focused on what we will happen in the future that we don’t concentrate on the day to day tasks. You can control what time you wake up in the morning, how you spend your day, what tasks you complete, what time you go to bed. Take advantage of these things and soon you will stop obsessing over the future.

  • Stay in the moment. Taking each day at a time will not only keep you from feeling stressed and anxious about the future but will also open you up to endless possibilities. The Universe can send you opportunities and messages in many different ways, but if you are too busy trying to control your future, you may miss out on what could be a life changing opportunity for you.

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