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Antique Silver Coloured Buddha Incense Holder
2-3 Days

An incense coneburner that features a peaceful meditating Buddha. Made of metal. ..

Brass incense Cone Burner

This Brass Incense Cone Burner makes it easy to enjoy your favourite incense cones. The classic desi..

Buddha Ash Catcher

This Buddha ash catcher is made from resin and features a peaceful Buddha's face and lotus flower. A..

Chakra Buddha Incense Holder

A beautiful incense holder featuring the Chakra colours and a meditating Buddha.Size: H:23cm ..

Charcoal Discs

Charcoal Discs available by the roll (10 discs); suitable for use with any range of resin blends. ..

Glitter Incense Stick Holder/Catcher

A fun and stylish glitter incense stick holder. Place your chosen incense stick into the holder t..

Gold Ash Catcher

Gold Ash CatcherAn attractive gold ash catcher with an intricate design. Just put your incense stick..

Metal Lotus Incense Cone Holder

Metal Lotus Flower design Ornate Incense Cone Holder with an exquisite lotus flower Indian design. ..

Teepee Cone Burner

Teepee Cone Burner, a very attractive and unusual cone burner in the shape of a tepee. When a lit co..

Tree Man Ash Catcher

Green Man Tree Man Incense Holder Ash Catcher A lovely ash catcher featuring a tree man face with..

Wooden ash catcher

A simple Wooden ash catcher. Place the incense stick in the hole at the end of the ash catcher then ..

Wooden Incense Box

WOODEN INCENSE BOX WITH BRASS INLAY Inside the box is space for an incense cone and incense stick..

Wooden Incense Cone Box with Elephant Brass Inlay

Keep your cones safe whilst they burn. This wooden Incense Cone Burner Box has a heatproof space to ..

Wooden Incense Tower
Out Of Stock

A wooden incense tower that features a brass inlay Buddha design. A great choice for burning your in..

Wooden Ohm Incense Burner
Out Of Stock

A round wooden incense burner featuring an Ohm symbol within a lotus flower. You can burn both incen..

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