Incense Gift Sets

Aromatherapy Incense Gift Set

Relax and unwind with this beautiful incense gift set which includes six boxes of incense inspired b..

Auroshikha Incense Palette

A lovely set of handrolled incense sticks. The scents included are french lavender, sandalwood, lemo..

Chakra Incense Balancing Kit

Each pack represents one of the seven chakras and a different fragrance; Root - StrawberrySacral -..

Mystery Incense Stick Bundle

Leave the choice to us with this exciting new bundle. Let us choose 5 delicious mystery scents for y..

Premium Incense Gift Pack

This lovely set contains 6 individual packs of 20 incense sticks. The scents are:- Aloe Vera- Sandal..

Pure Magic Incense Gift Set

Pure Magic Incense Gift Set A beautiful selection of Anne Stokes incense sticks. Help your home to ..

Spiritual Incense Gift Set

A magical selection of incense perfect for anyone who loves myth and fantasy. Includes six boxes of ..

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