Reflexology with Zahra

"As a qualified reflexologist I'm particularly fussy about receiving treatments and I can honestly say hand on heart that Zahra is up there with the best. She has something special that can't be taught, she has empathy, she doesn't just whizz through the standard routine but incorporates different techniques according to what you need (which may well change each treatment.”

My journey with Reflexology began during my pregnancy in 2010 when I had treatments to help with the symptoms I was experiencing. I found the treatments so beneficial that this was the stimulus for me researching, learning more and wanting to become a Reflexologist myself.

I am a fully qualified member of the Association of Reflexology. I studied at the  London School of Reflexology and was taught by Louise Keet, who is regarded as "Britain's leading Reflexology practitioner" (Mail on Sunday). Subsequently I have the ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology.  I am also fully qualified in Preconception and Pregnancy Reflexology, Hand and Facial Reflexology.

Reflexology is based on the notion that energy is constantly flowing around the body. When this flow of energy is compromised, it is believed that ill health may arise.

Examples of conditions I have treated clients for include; Asthma, Pain (for example back pain), menopause, problems with the digestive system, infertility, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, sports injuries, pregnancy and those that just want to relax and feel grounded.

Treatments are carried out in Banstead, Surrey. 


Foot reflexology (1hour): £50

Block booking of 5 Foot Reflexology treatments: £200



Mobile number: 07957116290

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