Meditation with Gillian Lenane

Meditaion for Beginners Gillian

Meditation Classes with Gillian Lenane
Manage Stress
Deepen Your Meditation Practice
Increase Your Happiness & Well Being

 Venue: Gillian’s Studio in Epsom

Gillian is a Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator with more than ten years experience.

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 Meditation Evenings - 7.30pm - 9pm £10:

Monday dates 29th April, 13th and 20th May, 3rd and 24th June, 1st and 22nd July, 19th August, 2nd and 23rd September, 7th and 21st October, 4th and 18th Novemebr, 2nd and 16th December

Tuesday dates 30th April, 7th and 14th May, 4th June, 2nd and 23rd July, 20th August, 3rd and 24th September, 8th and 22nd October, 5th and 19th Novemebr, 3rd and 17th December

Remember that plugging into a group energy from time to time gives you a deeper meditation experience that boosts your own practice. 

Deepening Your Meditation Course-7.30 -9.30pm £185, Six Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm 14th Jan-18th Feb 2020 inc

This Course will deepen your meditation practice increasing the many benefits; if you have become disc-connected from your practice it will re-connect you. You will be introduced to additional techniques, to the practice of self-reflection and how meditation nurtures spiritually.

Saturday Morning Workshops 9.30-12.30pm £35

A workshop including spiritual teachings and guidance to extend and deepen your meditation experience, self reflection and positive self management

18th May: Letting go of the past and creating forgivness

29th June: Creating Abundance in your life

28th September: connecting with the stillness

More Information:

Gillian teaches a guided, easily learnt approach to meditation that creates a sense of very deep relaxation and she also gives you the resources to create your own daily meditation practice. Participants discover how easy it is to relax and immediately begin to experience the many benefits including improved sleep, less stress, less tension, improved emotional balance and a calmer and happier mind.

Meditation is the key to a stress free life and is the ability to withdraw from your thoughts and rest your attention on a single focus for example, the breath. During this process your breathing slows down and you slip naturally into deep relaxation allowing your body to recover from stress and restore health, balance and a deep sense of well being and happiness.

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 "Gillian's Course has enabled me to develop the amazingly practical tool of meditation and regular practice has greatly reduced my general anxiety levels and made me feel happier in myself" CH

"I hadn't slept well for months and within a couple of sessions I am sleeping so much better" MS

"Meditation has helped me through a very stressful time and it is so enjoyable I will continue it for life" DP

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