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Mercury Retrograde 2022

I can see the collectives eyes rolling already, when you realise Mercury is going retrograde again we start blaming our problems on the transit, BUT did you know you can actually use this energy to benefit your life? Its not all doom and gloom! Its actually a great time for reflecting and adjusting!

Mercury will go retrograde on the 10th May and last till the 3rd of June, but the shadow phase will start 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, bringing us to the 17th June. During the shadow phase we will feel the effects of the transit the strongest, this is because before and after the transit Mercury will be stationed, meaning energy is still and stagnant. Before it will be a time to prepare and after will be a time to reflect and process the energy shift. Mercury will be going retrograde in its home sign Gemini, and Mercury is the planet of communication. Conversation’s may be a bit confusing, it will be wise to avoid conversations that aren’t really going anywhere, but do keep in mind to be considerate. Try to actually listen to people and think about how you are going to respond to them.

There may be tower moments during this period, when the little switch is turned on inside you and you think “aha”. Remember we are always learning things about ourselves and life. Become aware of these moments and figure out why has it happened what was triggered? Start a journal and write things down so you can always reflect back on it, there will be lessons to be learned and you can only learn them when you are aware of them!

If you feel like an air head, that’s because Mercury is retrograde in an air sign! It is a good time to meditate to become aware of your thoughts, centre and ground yourself and again journal them! Journaling is a great tool to get your thoughts onto paper so you can muddle through them more clearly, ask yourself “where are these thoughts coming from?” “what emotions do these thoughts bring up for me?” When you ask yourself questions like this it is a good way of becoming more self aware, and remember if thoughts are worrying you or giving you anxiety ask yourself “can I control this situation?” If you can’t then try to let go of the thought, and if you can control the situation ask yourself, “Is it as bad is what my head is telling me?” “how can I put a positive perspective on this thought?”

Finally, although the energies can be intense and strong during Mercury retrograde and can make you feel exhausted because things may not be going the way you expected them to, be kind to yourself. The planet will go direct again its just a phase and it will pass. Use this transit as an opportunity to learn about yourself and reflect on what needs to be adjusted in your life!

Sending lots of love and light your way!


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