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New Year, New Resolutions

With the New Year comes new resolutions. It’s a time where we look back on the previous year, think about what’s happened and create new goals that we want to reach. Whatever you’re feelings are towards resolutions, it’s actually a really beneficial practice and can change our lives for the better. Maybe you want to exercise more, start meditating, set up a new business, read more books. The list is endless! But people (myself included) tend to give up on resolutions fairly quickly!

I think we set resolutions that are so different from our current lifestyle that we get overwhelmed, over committed and give up easily. And this is okay, as long as your happy. But chances are, you’ve set these New Year resolutions because you want to achieve something. And we can obtain anything we set our minds on, we just need to work towards it slowly rather than headfirst.

I suggest you don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but ‘Life Resolutions’ or even ‘Daily Resolutions’ instead. This is because you can change your life anytime you want. Although the energy around the New Year is perfect for setting your intentions, you can start on any day you want. It doesn’t have to be a Monday, it doesn’t have to be on the 1st. It can be any week, any day, any hour! By doing this, you are far more likely to stick at your intentions and can work towards the ultimate goal.

There’s always a powerful energy around the new year, and whilst you don’t you need to set your goals straight away, it is a good time to reflect on the last year. Think about everything that’s happened: what have you learnt? What have you let go? What have you discovered about yourself? What do you want in life? What do you not want in life? Really think about all these aspects in detail. They’ll give you all the information you’ll need when you’re ready to set your intentions.

When you’re ready, set your intentions – whether they are yearly/monthly/weekly/daily. For example:

For the next hour I WILL stay off Facebook and answer work emails.
For the next day I WILL meditate for 10 minutes.
For the next week I WILL spend at least two hours a day with my family.
For the next month I WILL exercise each week.
For the next year I WILL live more in the present moment.

By creating resolutions like the above, it will be easier to see your progress and you’ll get a boost every time you achieve it. This will then motivate you to carry on, and create new resolutions once you’ve completed them. Even by writing ‘I will’ is going to have a big impact on your outlook of your resolutions as you’re not putting any doubt into your mind that you won’t be able to achieve it.

Another way to stick with resolutions is to visualise what you want to achieve and how this will feel. For example, your resolution may be to find a new job. Take some time to really think about what this means. See it in your mind and make it as colourful as possible. What will changing your job feel like? What environment will you be working in? What will you physically be doing? Use all your senses. The clearer the visualisation, the quicker the manifestation. This will encourage you to stick with your resolutions as you’ve seen it, felt it, smelt it, heard it.  If you feel yourself straying from your resolution, visualise it again. Remind yourself what it feels like.
Try these techniques instead and see how much quicker you reach your goals!


  1. This was a great healthy reminder! To all at quest happy new year xxx

    1. Happy New Year!

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