Abundance Buddha

A gorgeous, happy Buddha ornament to bring joy, fun & abundance into your life! Cast in resin an..

Blessing Cherub

An adorable cherub figurine complete with rose halo. The box features the words 'This special angel ..

Brass Ganesh Statue - 12cm

Brass Ganesh Statue - a stunning solid brass Ganesh.Ganesh or Ganesha is one of the best known and ..

Brass Ganesh Statue - 6cm

Brass Ganesh Statue - a stunning solid brass Ganesh.Ganesh or Ganesha is one of the best known and l..

Ganesha Figure

 A majestic Ganesha figurine with pink, blue & green robes and a golden coloured headdress...

Ganesha Figure

A lovely Lord Ganesha figurine, he is wearing orange robes and has a golden coloured headdress. Gane..

Heather Fairy Ornament

A beautiful fairy with purple wings and an admiring starling. Size approx H:14cm x W:10cm ..

Jinx the Cat Ornament

An adorable cat hiding under a purple, pentacle pattenered blanket. Size: H:11cm..

Kissing Elephants

This cute Kissing Elephant Set is the ideal gift for the one you love. There are two separab..

Kissing Giraffes

This cute Kissing Giraffes Set is the perfect gift for a loved one There are two separable r..

Penguin Family Ornament

An adorable family of cuddling penguins. Safely wrapped in a box that features the words 'Right from..

Smudge Figurine

A cute companion for the witch in your life, little Smudge sits in a cauldran featuring the pentagra..

Snowy Watch Owl

A regal Snowy white owl figurine with gorgeously detailed feathers. Size: H:20cm ..

Spirit Guide Figurine

An absolutely gorgeous Spirit Guide figure from gothic & fantasy artist, Anne Stokes. With sweep..

Three Wise Hedgehogs

Three Wise HedgehogsThis set of 3 hedgehogs sit in a row, uncurled and illustrating the ancient maxi..

Three Wise Owls

A very cute set of white owls. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Size: H:12cm each ..

Three Wise Robins

This cute trio of figurines portrays Confucius' see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil analect...

Wolf Pup Figurine

A lovely winter wolf pup. A very sweet gift for any dog or wolf fan. Size: L:12cm..

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