Broomstick Pentagram Plaque

A wall plaque comprised of 5 broomsticks in a pentagram shape.Size: 19cm in diameter ..

Crystal Ball

A clear crystal ball used for scrying. Comes with a stand.Size approx: 7cm in diameter. ..

Green Man Tealight Holder

A delightful Tree Man Wildwood Tealight Holder with a Green Man face. The Green man has been traced ..

Green Man Winter Wall Plaque

The Green Man is traditionally seen as a celebration of nature, fertility and the cycle of life. ..

Hare & Moon Wall Plaque

This beautiful circular plaque depicts a moon gaxing hare, a symbol often associated with mysticism...

Jinx the Cat Ornament

An adorable cat hiding under a purple, pentacle pattenered blanket. Size: H:11cm..

Lisa Parker Owl Mug

A bone china mug featuring a Lisa Parker design of a snowy owl with a quill resting on some books. ..

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland

A beautifully illustrated deck that offers guidance for those who are drawn to the moon's natural ma..

Raven Essence Spray by Hazel Raven

This essence can aid divination skills and past-life work. Magical Raven is the Divine messenger bri..

Spell Kit for Health

A velvet pouch containing a clear quartz point for healing, a snowflake obsidian tumblestone to help..

Spell Kit for Love

A velvet pouch containing a rose quartz tumblestone for self-love and romance, an apatite tumbleston..

Spell Kit For Protection

A velvet pouch containing a blue howlite tumblestone for protection, a jet tumblestone for protectio..

Spell Kit for Wealth & Abundance

A spell kit in a velvet pouch containing a citrine tumblestone to encourage abundance, a sunstone tu..

Sterling Silver Pentacle Pendant

A magical pentacle pendant. A pentacle traditionally symbolises the 5 elements - water, earth, fire,..

Three Wise Owls

A very cute set of white owls. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Size: H:12cm each ..

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