Altar Candles

These candles are perfect for altars, rituals, spells or just decoration. Size: L:21.5cm x 2cm Appro..

Bronze Terracotta Tree of Life Plaque

The perfect addition to your home or garden, this plaque features a Tree of Life design by Lisa Park..

Broomstick Pentagram Plaque

A wall plaque comprised of 5 broomsticks in a pentagram shape.Size: 19cm in diameter ..

Crystal Ball

A clear crystal ball used for scrying. Comes with a stand.Size approx: 6cm in diameter. ..

Dream Book

Note down all your dreams in this gorgeous, dark blue coloured journal, embossed with the tree of li..

Green Man Tealight Holder

A delightful Tree Man Wildwood Tealight Holder with a Green Man face. The Green man has been traced ..

Green Man Winter Wall Plaque

The Green Man is traditionally seen as a celebration of nature, fertility and the cycle of life. ..

Hare & Moon Wall Plaque

This beautiful circular plaque depicts a moon gaxing hare, a symbol often associated with mysticism...

Jinx the Cat Ornament

An adorable cat hiding under a purple, pentacle pattenered blanket. Size: H:11cm..

Metatrons Cube Altar Cloth

This black and gold altar cloth features a Metatron's Cube design which is a symbol that represent..

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland

A beautifully illustrated deck that offers guidance for those who are drawn to the moon's natural ma..

Pentagram Dreamcatcher

A pentagram dreamcatcher with silky black feathers and gold coloured beads. Size approx: L:46cm x W:..

Silk Altar Cloth

A gorgeous, handloom silk fabric altar cloth which can be used for tarot, angel or divintation card ..

Smudge Figurine

A cute companion for the witch in your life, little Smudge sits in a cauldran featuring the pentagra..

Snowy Watch Owl

A regal Snowy white owl figurine with gorgeously detailed feathers. Size: H:20cm ..

Spell Kit for Health

A velvet pouch containing a clear quartz point for healing, a snowflake obsidian tumblestone to help..

Spell Kit for Love

A velvet pouch containing a rose quartz tumblestone for self-love and romance, an apatite tumbleston..

Spell Kit For Protection

A velvet pouch containing a blue howlite tumblestone for protection, a jet tumblestone to draw out n..

Spell Kit for Wealth & Abundance

A spell kit in a velvet pouch containing a citrine tumblestone to encourage abundance, a sunstone tu..

Stamford Witch's Curse Incense Sticks

From Stamford's wickedly delightful Hex range, this Witch's Curse incense will help to clear the air..

Starchild Happy Times Herbal Tea

This yummy blend of herbs can be used to elevate mind and spirit. This tea may help to gain perspect..

Starchild Organic Rose Water

Handmade in Glastonbury, this delicate rose water is excellent for all kinds of love magic and potio..

Starchild Peace Herbal Tea

This tea helps to soothe and calm the spirit. It is designed to bring inner peace and clarity to the..

Starchild Witches Brew Herbal Tea

A delicious blend of herbs that are sacred to the great goddess. This tea can be used to invoke her ..

Sterling Silver Pentacle Pendant

A magical pentacle pendant. A pentacle traditionally symbolises the 5 elements - water, earth, fire,..

Three Wise Owls

A very cute set of white owls. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Size: H:12cm each ..

Tree Man Ash Catcher

Green Man Tree Man Incense Holder Ash Catcher A lovely ash catcher featuring a tree man face with..

Tree Wisdom book by Vincent Karche

'A year of healing among the trees.'Trees are our constant companions. They stand tall above us, sha..

Wildwood Goblet

A Wildwood Goblet. A detailed goblet featuring a stern Green Man. The perfect addition to an alta..

Winter Guardians Figurine
£39.99 £79.99

From the enchanted mind of globally renowned Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this magical fig..

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