Qigong Zoom Courses

Qigong works with our energy through focused movement, breath-work and meditation. Synchronising the breath to the movements improves our health and wellbeing by reducing levels of stress, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the respiratory muscles and improving lung capacity. Working with our energy field, we can use the movements to influence the energy within us to help release physical, mental and emotional blockages which hold us back in our lives.

Strengthening Your Immunity Course

The Qigong exercises are designed to activate, strengthen and build your Wei Qi, the body’s protective energy, and boost your immunity.

Monday Evenings 8-9pm – 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st January 2022
£35 for the 4 weeks

Reiki and Qigong Course

Both Reiki and Qigong work with energy, and the Qigong exercises will connect you to your body’s energy, allowing that energy to flow freely through you and into your Reiki practice. Qigong will also bring you into calm and stillness to prepare for your Reiki session. We will practise energy awareness exercises, strengthening the meridians and your energy field. This short course will count as 3 hours of learning.

Tuesday Evenings 8-9pm – 8th, 15th and 22nd February 2022
£25 for 3 sessions