Reiki 2 Training, Epsom, Surrey

Reiki Healing Carolina

This is an approved Reiki 2 training course and on completion of course curriculum you will be a certified professional Reiki healer. Reiki level 2 training will allow you to continue your journey of self-discovery and give you a deeper understanding of Reiki healing power, opening up new possibilities – it will teach you how to heal others in a professional setting.


During Reiki level 2 training, you will learn how to:

Concentrate and focus Reiki healing power and use it to heal others.

Meditation techniques and how you can use them in everyday life.

Incorporate Reiki Symbols into your Reiki Healing

Practice distance healing and sending life force energies across time and space.

Perform a full Reiki treatment and set up a professional practice.


To attain Reiki level 2, you will have had to have completed Reiki 1 and received the necessary attunements. During this course, you will receive three ancient Reiki symbols, allowing you to access the full potential of Reiki energies.


Reiki level 2 training includes the following topics:


Second degree attunements

Practical hands on treatment using variety of techniques

Setting up a professional practice


How to create sacred space


To continue your Reiki journey and learn how to use the healing power of Reiki on others, join our two-day Reiki 2 training course today. On completion of this fully accredited Reiki 2 course you will receive a certificate showing your and capabilities as a Reiki healer. To become a fully accredited Reiki healer you will need to complete a series of case studies and self-learning as well as this two day course – for more information regarding this please get in touch with Carolina.

Carolina is an approved Reiki Master Teacher who offers Reiki training at all levels. She is a member of the CNHC and the UK Reiki Federation. Carolina is the founder of Quest which is a beautiful spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, Surrey founded in 2007.

This course has been fully verified against current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and is in accordance to the Core Curriculum of Reiki training as set by the Reiki Council. It has been approved and verified by the UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC.

Reiki 2 Training Dates for 2019

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd February 2020

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th April 2020

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June 2020

Price: £260

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