Reiki Healing for Men

Many men think that Reiki Healing is just for women, which isn’t the case at all. Reiki can be performed on any gender and any age. Western culture dictates that men should be strong and independent, and remain silent about what is going on inside them – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This belief can have dramatic consequences on one’s life, and cause problems, including stress and depression. Reiki can be incredibly beneficial as it provides a safe space where one can delve deep within, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving wellbeing, which leads to a longer, healthier life. Reiki is a non-intrusive treatment that can be performed over clothes, with no touching required. During the session, Carolina will sense your energy and clear out any energy blockages you may have. After the healing, Carolina will give you advice on how to maintain your energy levels and discuss a plan for moving forward.

Feeling sceptic? There is a scientific explanation behind Reiki, and that explanation is Quantum Physics. Einstein said that everything is made up of the same energy – from your dishwasher to your thoughts. Carolina can tap into a higher energy, known as the Divine or Universal energy. This energy is then transferred to you and your body will know exactly what to do with it.

So how can Reiki help? Some men can find it difficult to cope with stress, and tend to deal with it through sports or other activities or keep it to themselves.  In comparison to women, men often rationalise situations. They think with their head, rather than their feelings. This means they can perceive stress differently, and may think they’re not stressed at all. It’s easy to become stressed in busy work environments and demanding job roles, which can result in a decrease in productivity and creativity. They could also find themselves becoming more anxious when dealing with important meetings and decisions. This could dramatically affect your life, both at work and at home. Reiki will help add calm to your life and restore balance. It will help clear your mind and open it up to new ideas and possibilities. Men who have experienced Reiki have reported a massive increase in productivity and the ability to work less whilst getting more done.

Reiki can also increase your energy and stamina. This can be especially useful for men who are physically active, or competing in a sporting event, as they will feel more energised. During the Reiki healing session, Carolina can focus on a specific area. This can be great if you are suffering from a specific injury, as it can help speed up recovery and relieve any tension in the area.

Other benefits of receiving Reiki include:

  • Aids relief from headaches and colds
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Helps improve sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Eases pain

These benefits may be felt instantly, or more than one session may be required. Carolina will advise you on what is best for you and will offer advice on ways to improve your general wellbeing.

So, give yourself a break and experience Reiki; even if you don’t quite believe in it, try a Reiki session. You’ll notice the difference after just one session. Reiki will improve your overall wellbeing and allow you to rest and reset. Afterwards, you can use this fresh energy to maintain your health and improve all aspects of your life.

£65 for 30 minutes / £125 for an hour.

Who is Carolina? Carolina – The Soul Coach is a renowned Palm Reader, Soul Mentor, Reiki Healer, Energy Clearer and Spiritual Teacher. She specialises in techniques and exercises that can help you achieve complete spiritual awareness. Carolina founded ‘Quest’, the spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, in 2007. Carolina is also a member of the CNHC and offers Accredited Reiki training at Reiki 1, Reiki Professional Practitioner, Reiki Masters and Master Teacher level.  Furthermore, she does regular spiritual podcasts and YouTube meditation videos as ‘The Soul Coach’.