Grounding Self-Care Kit

Grounding Self-Care Kit

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Use this kit to help to ground yourself and reconnect with the Earth’s energies.

What’s included:

Root Chakra Aura Spray – Spritz around your aura and this essence will help to cleanse your Root Chakra, grounding your energies and increasing courage & action.

Organic Patchouli Essential Oil – Put a couple of drops in an oil burner or electric diffuser, combine with water in a spray bottle or relax with some drops in the bath. Patchouli activates the Root Chakra and has strong connections with the Earth element.

Buttercup Meadows Natural Wax Votive Candle – Light this votive and relax as the delicious scent wafts through your home, allowing you to journey to the sunny countryside from the comfort of your own home.

Ocean Jasper Crystal – Meditate or hold this crystal and it will help you to find strength & a sense of renewal, it can also help when coping with change.

Satya Tree of Life Incense Sticks – Open those windows and feel the warm air move through your home carrying the scent of these earthy. grounding incense sticks.

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