Suncatchers & Crystal Rainbow Makers

Angel Crystal Fantasy Rainbow Maker

This Angel ornamental suncatcher features Rose, Clear and AB beads a crystal cascade with a clear al..

Angel Wing Heart Rainbow Maker

An adorable rainbow maker featuring a heart cradled by angel wings. Hang somewhere sunny and watch t..

Bee Crystal Fantasy Rainbow Maker

A  beautiful rainbow maker featuring a silver coloured bee motif and a honey themed crystal ca..

Blue & Green Glass Butterfly Suncatcher

Hang this charming blue & green coloured Butterfly Suncatcher in front of a light and watch a be..

Blue & Green Hanging Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher

This hand-blown glass Hummingbird has delicate blue & green wings, with a magnificent golden bea..

Blue Butterfly Crystal Rainbow Maker

This beautiful suncatcher features a butterfly motif complete with a blue and purple crystal cascade..

Blue Tit Crystal Rainbow Maker

A lovely blue tit rainbow maker featuring a blue and topaz coloured cascade of Swarovski cryst..

Brown Owl Suncatcher String

A lovely string of brown owls made from resin, hang somewhere sunny and see them light up when the s..

Cats on the Moon Rainbow Maker

This beautiful Suncatcher features two cats sitting on a moon, a top a blue crystal cascade wit..

Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade

Chakra Bagwa Crystal Cascade A beautiful hanging Suncatcher to add some gorgeous colour to your wi..

Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade

A Gorgeous Chakra Crystal Ball Cascade. The colours in this crystal cascade represent the colours of..

Chakra Crystal Heart Rainbow Maker

Add a beautiful touch of colour to your window with this sparkly heart shaped rainbow maker that evo..

Confetti Cat Rainbow Maker Rainbow Maker

A cute cat sat among gorgeous pastel coloured Swarovski crystal. Hang somewhere sunny and watch the ..

Crystal Angel Suncatcher - Amethyst

This Crystal Angel Suncatcher is made from faceted and highly reflective crystals..

Crystal Angel Suncatcher - Aqua

This Crystal Angel Suncatcher is made from faceted and highly reflective cry..

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