Tarot Readings with Dizzy

Tarot reading with Dizzy

Dizzy is the newest member of the Quest Team offering Intuitive Tarot Readings. Having read from her home for many years she decided that she wanted to read from a base outside of her home. Dizzy is very popular and much loved. Dizzy offers accurate insightful readings.

Dizzy is also a Reiki Master, Reiki Drumming healer, spiritual healer, Theta advance healer, Shamanic cord cutter and Shamanic extraction healer and Reiki teacher of I and 2 and Masters.


Hi, I just wanted to let u know that in July 2015 I saw Dizzy the tarot reader and I was single at the time. Everything dizzy said has happened. I went on a date that evening of seeing dizzy, and like she said.. he is the one, and she predicted I would fall pregnant quickly.. 3months after our first date.. I did. we now have a 5 month old little girl. Dizzy also precticed my gran didn't have long to go, she was right as well I'm sure dizzy won't remember me but I just want to say thank you. What an experience !  LJ

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