Uplifting Self-Care Kit

Uplifting Self-Care Kit

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In this kit we’ve picked high-quality products that we know will help lift your mood and hopefully, bring a little bit more joy into your life.

What’s included:

Archangel Chamuel’s Embrace Aura Spray – Spritz around you or your home to feel the flame of love expand in your heart.

Organic Orange Essential Oil – Put a couple of drops in an oil burner or electric diffuser, combine with water in a spray bottle or add to the bath to reap the invigorating benefits of orange essential oil.

Love & Peace Natural Wax Votive Candle – Light this votive and relax as the delicious scent wafts through your home.

Sunset Aura Quartz Crystal – Meditate or hold this crystal to feel it’s energising & creative energies.

Satya Spiritual Aura Incense Sticks – Open those windows and feel the warm air move through your home carrying the scent of these gorgeous incense sticks.

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