One Day Retreat for Women

Retreat For Women

Time Out to Relax and Rest

Release Stress & Restore Balance

Reconnect to your Intuitive Wisdom

Saturday 21st April - A one day retreat - Rebel Mystic Women 

For Dates, Price and Venue details visit or email

Retreats give you time out from a busy schedule. Many of us lead very stressful lives and we do not give ourselves the chance, either to rest, or to review what might need changing to reduce stress in our lives. We have often lost touch with our ability to relax and with our internal intuitive resources. A Retreat offers you the opportunity for deep relaxation, self-healing and a chance to reflect on your lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. This facilitates access to your own innate source of wisdom, a place where you can find supportive answers to any current dilemmas.


“I feel rejuvenated by this positive experience”. JR

“This is a time to revive and restore and just be a ‘human being’ not a ‘human doing’. Time to just be in touch with myself...who I really am.” VP

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