Reiki healing at Quest, Epsom, Surrey
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Reiki Healing Carolina

Reiki relaxes and rejuvenates, balancing all of the chakras and the energy field of the body and soul. Carolina's beautiful calming energy creates a sacred healing space so you can truly let go and deeply relax enabling the healing to happen naturally.

Carolina is an approved Reiki Master Teacher who offers Reiki training at all levels. She is a member of the CNHC and the UK Reiki Federation. Carolina is also The Soul Coach, renowned Palmist and Energy Clearer . Carolina is also the founder of Quest  which is a beautiful spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, Surrey which opened  in 2007.

She is a member of the CNHC and the UK Reiki Federation. Carolina is the founder of Quest which is a beautiful spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, Surrey founded in 2007.

Please call Quest on 01372 878 606 to book your appointment - £40 for 30 minutes, £75 for 1 hour or £115 for 90 minutes.

The healing treaments take place at Quest, Epsom, Surrey.

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What Others Say:

I’ve received lots of Reiki treatments now from Carolina; every time she has immediately helped me to feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable. I felt better after every treatment and that Reiki was really beneficial for me. It helped me in so many different ways such as giving me more clarity to make life decisions; offering stress relief; enabling me to really relax and feel peaceful. I felt that I could really trust Carolina as her kindness and relaxing Aura was there from the start. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carolina and her Reiki healing. Liz, Epsom

I've been visiting Quest for a number of years, but had never had Reiki before. It has been a tough few months and I could only describe myself as wonky...I felt I needed something to get my balance back so had a Reiki session with Carolina.It's hard to describe what happened to me...not only did I feel very secure and relaxed, I felt that hour caused changes, both spiritual and physical. I felt like I'd been on a journey during that hour...a journey of cleansing and healing. Carolina, had freed me of some negative ties, and I believe released me from negative energy which felt like it was an anchor around my heart. I came out feeling lighter, and for the first time in months, I have a sense of calm in my chest that I thought would never be possible again. The anxiety, panicky feeling in my stomach has gone....I have no idea how it works, all I know is Carolina freed me of something and set me on a positive route, with a foundation of healing to see me on the right path. Thank you...Reiki is now a part of my present and future! Ann, 32 Epsom

My reiki sessions with Carolina are one of my absolute favourites things in life..... It grounds me, realigns all my imbalances and I experience the most incredible sensations throughout my wonderful hour in that special treatment room.It's extremely difficult to explain the experience, as its just so personal, but I literally feel like I'm surrounded by angels and love and leave feeling all fuzzy & warm ready to take on my week more positively spreading a bit of that sparkle wherever I can.

I couldn't recommend Carolina at Quest more highly. Not only is she incredible at what she does- she's one of the most genuine, open, non judgemental people I know and I can't wait for each of my beautiful sessions with her. Livia 36, Boxhill

Without first understanding the benefits of Reiki I trusted Carolina's suggestion to try a session to let my healing begin. I was in an 'unsettling' space when I strolled into Quest one day. I was having regular panic attacks and chest pains. Carolina led me to the back of the shop where her therapy room is. The room is soothingly lit with soft lighting and candles and ambient music is playing. I lay myself on the bed facing upwards and Carolina covers me with a soft blanket. For me, this is when the healing begins. I have no idea how Reiki works but as soon as Carolina asks me to take those initial deep breaths, the colours begin to dance. During my first few sessions I couldn't stop the tears from rolling! I clearly had much to be healed. I have since experienced more colour, a figure of someone, perhaps a family member who has passed over, and great gratitude In accepting my life as it is in the present moment. I am confident that with this great healing I am removing those blocks and making space for my creativity to shine and therefore in a greater place for my work as a Health Coach. My energy is greater and my thoughts are clearer. I no longer have panic attacks and I truly respect and appreciate Carolina's guidance and generosity with the energy that she shares during our sessions. I am and will continue to receive Reiki with Carolina for as long as she is offering it. You have turned my life around! Much love and blessings Bobbie, 45, Ewell

Modern life can at times feel like a great big Hamster wheel, where we all get caught up in the day to day rigours of paying bills, working hard, bringing up children and a million other things to deal with. These rigours can drain your energy, both physically and emotionally. My life, like so many others has been chaotic and with all the background noise you can't hear yourself , your inner self . I was aware of Carolina's beautiful shop Quest in the Ashley centre but after an exceptionally stressful day, I felt like my inner voice was finally screaming at me. I noticed her sign saying Reiki Healing. I stopped in my tracks and ventured in. Since then I've been visiting Carolina on a regular basis and can honestly say I feel my life has changed dramatically for the better. With her help I have become energised, positive and far more able to slow that Hamster wheel down. It's not just the actual appointment which is deeply relaxing, but equally the lasting feeling of wellbeing and positivity. If anything I've said resonates with you, or you feel like you've been looking for peace and clarity in your life then you should visit Carolina without delay. She has an amazing gift in her healing abilities, so do as I did....take one step of a new and exciting journey. David, 43, Epsom.

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