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Amethyst Angel Wing Geode, AA grade


Introducing the Majestic Amethyst Geode Angel and Butterfly. Wings Unveil the enchanting world of natural beauty and spiritual energy with our exquisite Amethyst Geode Angel and Butterfly Wings. These awe-inspiring creations are not just decorative pieces but gateways to a higher realm of serenity, grace, and positive energy. Crafted from a carefully selected, large amethyst geode, each wing is a unique masterpiece of nature and is presented on a metal stand.

Each Geode is approx 90cm tall and 40cm wide (total width on stand approx 110cm).  Presented on the stand it is over 6ft tall.

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This pair of amethyst geodes are truly awe-inspiring, a real masterpiece of nature.

Amethyst is said possess with powerful protective, calming and spiritual properties. Do you see angel wings that symbolizing protection and guidance? Or maybe butterfly wings that represent growth and transformation. Whichever you feel they are, you’ll have a breathtaking piece of art that radiates peace and serenity.

Display these wings in your living room, meditation space, or office, and watch as they become a focal point of conversation, admiration, and inspiration. Their impressive size and striking beauty are sure to captivate anyone who enters your space.

These wings make for a perfect gift for a loved one, celebrating a milestone, or even as a statement piece in a business setting. Embrace the enchantment and energy they bring into your life.

The wings will be safely delivered by a company that specialises in transporting valuable pieces, this is included in the price for delivery within 100 miles of Epsom, Surrey.

Each geode is approx 90cm tall and 40cm wide (total width on stand approx 110cm).  Presented on a metal stand, the height is over 6ft tall.


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