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Woodstock Chakra Windchime


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Woodstock Chakra Chimes™ – “Woodstock Chakra Chimes combine colour and sound to underscore the ancient meaning of the major centres of the human body.” This chime consists of 6 beautifully tuned chimes with a string of seven gemstones in the centre, each correlating with the Chakra energy points, finished with a large silver coloured spiral. A wonderful chime to have outside or in, let the breeze blow and hear the magical sound.

Size approx L: 40cm & Dia: 7cm.

What are Chakras?
Seven spirals of energy known as chakras can be found in a vertical formation from our tailbone to the top of our head. Meaning ‘wheels of light’ in Sanskrit, Chakras filter energy by allowing good energy in and disposing of unwanted energy from vital areas of our bodies. As well as working with the energy around us, Chakras interact closely with our bodies’ organs and endocrine glands, which regulate hormones. When all of our chakras are balanced we feel healthy, strong and emotionally well. Yet Chakras that are out of balance can cause illness, psychological blocks and emotional problems.

Chakras were first derived from Hindu culture and are often depicted as coloured lotus flowers positioned along the spine, ascending from the base. The lotus flower represents human potential, as the lotus starts its life at the bottom of a muddy pond, yet rises and blossoms in the light above. The lotus flower’s transformation symbolises everyone’s potential to grow and prosper, something that balanced chakras can facilitate.

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