East of India Good Friends Lift You Porcelain Hanging Bird

A delightful Porcelain Bird Hanging Decoration by East of India, reading 'Good Friends Lif..

 ‘Friends Are Not Our Whole Lives But...’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A lovely cream porcelain heart featuring potted plants with the words ‘Friends are not our whol..

 ‘It Doesn’t Matter Where You…’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A gorgeous cream porcelain heart with a charming picture of trees and two dogs featuring the words ..

 ‘There Is Only One Happiness…’ Wobbly Porcelain Heart

A charming porcelain heart with a vintage style featuring a lovely floral picture and the words ‘Th..

"Do what makes your heart smile" Porcelain Butterfly

A beautiful porcelain butterfly escribed with the message 'Do what makes your heart smil..

"I Love You" Porcelain Dishes

3 tiny porcelain dishes with one of the words 'I' 'Love' 'You' inscribed on each dish. Makes a perfe..

"Reach for the Stars" Porcelain Star

The motivational message of "Reach for the Stars" adorns this beautiful hanging decoration. This Eas..

"When it rains" Porcelain Star

This inspirational hanging star reads 'When it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for star..

'Bee Yourself' Porcelain Hanging Oval

An oval shaped porcelain hanging sign featuring the words ‘In a world where you can be anything, b..

'If you can dream it' Porcelain Butterfly

This beautiful hanging butterfly is made of porcelain and comes complete with a twine hanging loop. ..

'Just Married' Wooden Horseshoe

A lovely wooden horseshoe featuring cut out love hearts and the words 'Just Married.' Beautiful deco..

All Seeing Eye Protection Pebble

A small glass pebble featuring an 'all seeing' or 'evil eye' design. Having one of these is said to ..

All Seeing Eye Protection Pebble

A small glass pebb;e featuring an 'all seeing' or 'evil eye' design. Having one of these is said to ..

Angel Wings Bowl

This graceful bowl made from two Angel Wings is the perfect place for your treasured items. Alt..

Angels Gather Here metal wall hanging

A retro-style metal wall hanging with the words 'Angels Gather Here'. Complete with cord making..

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