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Crystals and Their Energy in Your Home.

Did you know crystals can be used to improve and enhance the energy in your home by placing different crystals in different areas of your home? Read below to find out!

Cleansing the energy and welcoming in positive energy:

It is best to place crystals in your hallway to cleanse the energy in your home. Household members and guests pass through your hallway whether downstairs or upstairs, hallways connect to every room as does the energy passing through. This will have an affect on yourself and anyone else in your home. Creating a positive vibe in your hallways can cleanse any negative energy and make it a more positive vibe which will make you and others feel great! You can place crystals on your sideboard, table or you can get some floating shelves and place them on there as well!

Best crystals for the hallway:

  • Shungite: This is used for protection of electromagnetic fields and negative energies making it a great stone to place in your hallway to keep you protected by this.
  • Clear Quartz: This is the master healing crystal which helps with all forms of healing. It brings harmony and love, as well as balancing and enhancing positive energy that goes through your hallways into other rooms.

Brining an abundance of joy and love into your living room:

We spend some relaxation time in our living rooms with family and guests, so why not bring an abundance of joy and love into the room making it a happy positive vibe whilst you chat or relax! Placing some crystals on the window sill can give the living room a pretty aesthetic whilst also enhancing the energy in the room. Also by placing them on the window sill is great as when it is a full moon as they can be cleansed by the full moon energies.

Best crystals for the living room:

Citrine: This is used for bringing an abundance of positivity, optimism and inspiration, a very cheerful crystal holding the power of the sun. This makes it great to have in the living room where you socialize with others or relaxing.

Rose Quartz: This is the crystal of love. It’s calming energy attracts love, harmony and peace making it a lovely crystal to add into your living room where you can spend time on your own or with loved ones.

Brining peace and calming energy into your bedroom for a good nights sleep:

A good night’s sleep is vital for every human being to survive. Given that an average a person sleeps for 8 hours in a day, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping! Why not make your bedroom a tranquil place, even if your not sleeping its nice to have a safe space in your home where you can meditate or read a book and feel at peace. You can place crystals on your shelves or bedside table to bring the energy into the space.

Best crystals for the bedroom:

Selenite: This is a high vibrational crystal which is great for cleansing your space, it brings a calm and peaceful energy, which makes it a must have crystal in the bedroom. It also elevates your spirit and provides clarity which can help you access your intuition making this crystal also great for meditation.

Amethyst: This crystal is well known for its peaceful and calming energy, it can help reduce stress and anxiety and the symptoms that accompany it, namely headaches and fatigues. It also aids in cell regeneration (supporting your bones and joints) and is reputed to improve your skin. Whilst we sleep our cells repair themselves so having Amethyst to help aid in the repairing stage is great!

We sell the 6 must have crystals for your home on our website and in store as well as other crystal sets that can be added to your home as well such as crystal sets for sleep, anxiety and happiness. We also sell the Feng Shui book which is good for learning how to place furniture in a certain way can help the energy pass through more easily. Go and have a listen to The Soul Coaches podcast on Spotify where Carolina talks all about the energy in the home and Feng Shui, in episodes 1 to 5.

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Changing your thoughts and reality

Many of us forget that we are in fact in control of our thoughts and reality. Let’s talk about how we can take control of our thoughts and reality and show up as the best version of ourselves.

Our thoughts affect our reality, it triggers an emotion which triggers a body reaction that makes us act in a certain way. This creates a mental pattern which we end up sub consciously repeating which in return alters our reality.

Our thoughts about ourself and how we perceive the world are based around our core beliefs. Core beliefs are deeply rooted under the surface of everything. Acknowledging our core beliefs is the first step so we can work on changing them which will help the process of changing your thoughts.

The pattern:

Core belief (The way we view ourselves/world based on experiences) “I am not worthy of love, my father wasn’t in my life, he didn’t care about me and I never received his love”

Activating event (Something happens which is problematic for us)A partner ends the relationship with you.

Thoughts (How we interpret the event. This will be effected by the situation we are in, our core beliefs, and previous experiences of similar situations) “I am not good enough for love, what is wrong with me? Why can people not love me. I am not worthy of love”

Emotions (What we feel following the event. This will be effected by our interpretation. We may feel a range of emotions)“I feel sadness, I feel angry, I feel confused, I feel fearful”

Behaviour (Taking into consideration all of the above, we act on the event)An insecure attachment style is formed which affects the behaviour, you may behave clingy and needy in a relationship, and behave in a selfish, manipulative way when you become vulnerable or shy away completely from relationships.

How can we change this mental pattern?

To change this pattern we must go inwards so we can dive deep into our core beliefs and face them. Write a list out of all the things you believe to be true about yourself and the world. It’s important to remember when you do this exercise to be completely honest with yourself.

Our core beliefs can be changed, if you write on your list “I am not worthy of a happy and healthy relationship” write the opposite next to it “I am worthy of a happy and healthy relationship” the key to this exercise is to use the opposite statement as an affirmation always speak in the present tense “I AM”. Repeat these affirmations to your self everyday the more you say this you will start to believe it. It may be hard at first but when you start to really feel it you will condition it as a core belief.

When an activating event happens and it triggers thoughts, you may feel more comfortable to fall back into old thoughts patterns but you need to challenge these thoughts, you can do this by keeping a thought record. I personally like to act as if I take my thoughts into a court. See an example below for how I process my negative thoughts:

Put your thought into the dock (What is the negative thought bothering me?)

Defence (What evidence do I have to suggest this thought is true? What solid facts do I have to bring forward to convince the jury this is accurate?)

Prosecution (What evidence do I have to suggest this thought is false? What solid facts do I have to bring forward to the jury to discredit this thought?)

Jury (A jury’s job is to weigh up the evidence for and against the thought, they have to set aside feelings and make a balanced judgement based on the evidence presented)

Verdict (Given with all the evidence presented what do you think of the original thought now? What is a balanced and realistic way of looking at the thought now? Sum up your new way of thinking)

What’s next?

Now you have started to affirm your new core beliefs about yourself and challenging any negative thoughts you will be starting to feel more positive and balanced in life. You are learning to be more self aware, you are getting to know yourself better, and you have more of an idea of what you want in life. When you feel good about yourself and your way of thinking is more balanced it becomes easier to manifest your desires because you are now feeling you are worthy of everything you desire in life.

Write out what you desire in your life, write in the present tense as if you already have it. (“I am grateful for the healthy, loving relationships I have in my life”) think about how you would feel if you had your desire in your life, if you desired a healthy, loving relationship, you would feel happiness, joy, excitement etc. Focus on thoughts that make you feel like this this and you will start to attract this into your life!

We have some books on how our thoughts and words affect the experiences we have in our daily lives, and how we can use affirmations to attract our desired life. We also have a Self – Healing crystal set to help you on your healing journey.

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Trusting Your Intuition

What exactly your intuition, how can you recognise it and trust it? Sometimes our intuition and anxieties and fears can get mixed up, so lets look at the difference between the two.

Intuition is where you have that inner voice telling you something that you just know is right, there is no doubts or fear – you just simply know from within. You don’t have any feelings with your intuition, you are just neutral. Anxiety and fears trigger feelings that comes from a place of past trauma – its your defence mechanism. We think with our head which then triggers the feelings of worry/fear. Sometimes we believe this is our intuition telling us something because it is so strong. Your intuition will always be crystal clear, however we can choose to ignore our intuition which will then end up causing stress and turmoil because you then try to squash it with your ego because it wants to control the outcome of a situation to protect you. Think of your intuition as your higher self, it only has your best interest that sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone, but you need to trust that your intuition is aligning you with your purpose.

Learning to be more mindful can help you tap into your intuition and not let anxiety and fear get the better of you. Try meditating and quieting your mind from external noise, and go inwards. Ask yourself “what do I need to know right now”. Images or a voice might come to you. Or if you are asking a yes or no question pay attention to your body language, if you are closed off such as arms crossed head bowed, that could mean no. Arms open, head high, smiling could mean yes. You will know what is right because it will be your intuition telling you! Everything happens with practice so keep practicing!

If it is your anxiety and fear putting you into protective mode, ask your higher self to help guide you to understand why you’re feeling fearful and anxious and pay attention to what comes to mind. What body sensations are happening, if any, and where in your body are you feeling this? It is a good idea to journal so you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings. Remember thoughts can trigger feelings, but thoughts can also be changed therefore you can change the way you feel. YOU are in control!

Meditation and journaling can help you become more self aware, and if you are more self aware you will start recognising what your intuition is and what your anxieties and fears are. There is some useful books we sell online and in the shop that can help you learn to be more mindful as well as meditation incense to fill your space with a peaceful aroma. If you struggle with meditating we also have a guided meditation CD Carolina, The Soul Coach!

There are also lots of crystals that help with intuition, especially those linked to your third eye chakra. Try carrying or meditating with crystals such as Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite as these will help you connect with your intuition. We have a crystal set for intuition as well!

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The Dream World

Does anyone else wake up and remember their really crazy dream and think what was that trying to tell me?! Sometimes we don’t remember them, actually 95% of the time we don’t remember our dreams. We can set intentions to remember them more often and we can also learn a lot from our dreams.

Dreams occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, this stage normally happens after the first 90 minutes of sleeping. We dream for about 2 hours a night and have several dreams that last anywhere between 5 to 20 miniutes. During REM stage our eyes are rapidly moving in all directions but they are not sending any visual information to our brain although our brain is active during this stage.

We can learn things from our dreams – you can start a dream journal to record them and notice any patterns in your dreams that your subconscious may be trying to show you. You should keep this journal on your bedside table so when you wake up you can write your dream out straight away or you may forget if you leave it too long. You can set intentions to remember your dreams as well. Once you are relaxed and have regulated your breathing say the following “tonight I will remember my dream, I have fantastic dream recall”. The more often you practice this affirmation the more you will start to remember your dreams so you can start to follow patterns in your dream journal.

We have the power to control our dreams narrative, characters and environment. This is called Lucid Dreaming – you become aware that you are dreaming and gain some control. Lucid dreaming has some benefits to it such as becoming more self aware of our thoughts and emotions and also bringing out your creativity whilst you sleep! We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so its pretty cool we can become conscious whilst being unconscious! You can start practicing to lucid dream by asking yourself throughout the day whilst you are awake “Am I dreaming right now?” the more often you ask yourself this you will end up asking yourself the same question whilst you are sleeping and then you will have the “AHA I’m dreaming” moment!

Remember everything happens with practice so keep practicing and keep journaling. There are so many books out there that can help you interpret your dreams, how to dream journal and lucid dream! There is even some crystals that can help you, Blue Howlite is great for encouraging dream recall and Caribbean Calcite can help aid in lucid dreaming! Have a look at some of the products below that we sell online and in the shop that can help you with your dreaming adventures!

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The Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand

These are probably two of the most recognisable talismans in the world, but do you know the meaning behind them? Both are rich in history and have been used in so many different cultures and religion, but predominately they are used as a sign of protection.

The Evil Eye

In all cultures, religions, myths and traditions, chances are there is reference to the evil eye/ all seeing eye. Originating in Greece, this symbol is a popular element and is seen in countless forms including jewellery, stories and paintings. But what is the meaning behind it?

The evil eye is a curse from Greek culture that has been passed through many decades – it dates back to 3,000BC! It states that when someone is envious of you, they have the power to give you an ‘evil glare’ and send bad luck your way. Obviously this isn’t ideal, so people sought out protection from this evil eye.

One of the most popular forms of protection is wearing the evil eye symbol on jewellery which acts as a repellent and reflects the power of the evil eye. Typically the eye is blue and white, but you can get different colours which have additional meanings. For example, an orange colour can also represent happiness and creativity, whilst dark blue is for karma.

If your reasons for wearing an evil eye bracelet is related to emotions, such as fear, love etc, then wear it on your left wrist. This is because the left hand side of your body is related to your heart and emotions. If you were wearing it to help with areas outside of your personal life, such as career, money etc, then you wear it on your right wrist. This is because the right hand side of your body is our analytical and logic side.

The Hamsa Hand

This symbol was first seen in ancient Mesopotamia, which is now part of the Middle East. It is one of the most popular symbols for protection against the evil eye. It is traditionally seen as a hand with two thumbs pointing in opposite directions and three fingers in the middle. It is often depicted with a large evil eye in the centre of the palm.

In an upright position, it is a sign against evil. It repels negativity of others and protects you from your own negative thoughts such as greed, envy and hatred. The fingers may be spread apart to repel evil.

If the hand faces downwards, the Hamsa represents abundance and goodness. The fingers are generally closer together, as an invitation for good things to flow into your life.

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Carolina’s Travels: The Start

As I write this, Will and I find ourselves in a beautiful studio high up on a hill in Paros, Greece; and, as travelling for me seems to do, I have been spending the day reflecting on how come Will and I are here – the twists and turns of life that have led us to here. 

As you may be aware I opened Quest, our beautiful haven of tranquillity in 2007. I knew when I opened it, that I was just the custodian and it has grown beyond what I ever thought, and it is now in the hands of such an amazing, incredible group of women. It’s been an amazing 15 years and I am looking forward to being part of the next phase of Quest…

Over the years I believe we are always striving for more, looking for the next thing to obtain, secure, and buy, however rarely do we take a moment to acknowledge the path we have taken to get us where we are. That’s what I have been doing today reflecting and appreciating all the people, the synchronicities, and the universe, for where I am now. 

Every single one of us is on our own journey of life and every one of us is living the life that we have manifested from the decisions we have made in the past. I have made some great ones and like many, I’m sure I have made some dubious ones.

At some point in our life the opportunity to turn inwards is available to us all and with that comes a greater sense of fulfilment and joy. I have been doing that for several years now, and can honestly say thank goodness I have… I’m grateful to all my mentors who have helped me from the lady (from my work experience) when I was 16 who believed in me and gave me such a glowing reference, to all the people that encouraged me, took a risk employing me (I wasn’t very good at school!) to the spiritual mentors that are helping me now – to you all I am very grateful. We never know the impact we have on others, a helping hand there, an encouraging word, a smile – we all have an impact on the vibration of the world and every action, word has a ripple effect.

When I was 22 (33 years ago) I worked for ‘Prudential’ for 9 years, it was a big risk for the manager at the time to take on a female and one so young too… I’m very grateful to him for taking that risk as that has a big impact on our lives now for a couple of reasons, I had the greatest training in the corporate world and not only that I was very lucky to have a final salary pension with them (which meant nothing to me at the time). Now I am aged 55, and can take out that pension, which has lead Will and me to make the decision to travel and work remotely – who would have thought that, that decision made at age 22 would have such a big impact on our lives now!

Who knows what the future holds all we can do is what we think/feel right in the now knowing it will be impactful to our life.

All the while, the Universe will allow Will and myself to travel more, working from various places around the world. Not only are we digital nomads, I’m also offering remote mentoring and healing from where ever we are, we have lots of exciting adventures ahead and I hope to be able to share them with you!

Stay safe & lots of love,

Carolina (@thesoulcoach) x

Find Carolina’s blogs here – they’re released fortnightly! And make sure you check her out on Facebook and Instagram @thesoulcoach to follow her travels around the world!

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Crystal Grids

Have you ever heard of a crystal grid before? A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a grid following a geometry pattern and when crystals are placed in a certain arrangement the energies become even more powerful as the pattern enhances the energy flow. Crystal grids can be used to manifest something you need, set intentions, healing and also be used to during a meditation. The crystal grids themselves can have lots of different geometry patterns on them but one of the most popular patterns is called the “Flower of Life”. The flower of life represents the cycle of creation – it shows how all life came from one source, which is the circle in the middle of the grid.

Setting Up Your Crystal Grid:

So first of all: what is the purpose of your grid? You can set your grid up to fulfil any intention, so think clearly on what you want to achieve. The combination of crystals and sacred geometry greatly strengthens your intention and allows you to manifest much more quickly – so ensure you have your intention set in your mind when you are creating your grid.

The first thing you need is a focus stone that links directly to your intention. Let’s say we are setting up a grid to attract love into your life – you would choose your centre stone thats aligned with that purpose. Let’s use Rose Quartz as our centre stone as its aligned with the heart chakra and opens us up to loving energies. You would place this down in the centre of the grid! Then you can choose another 6 to 12 crystals aligned with the same purpose – this could be amethyst for stress and anxiety, or red aventurine which is for love as well. They can all be of the same crystal or different – do what ever feels right for you! You are also going to need Quartz points as well – quartz is a master healer and amplifier and will direct the energy to flow in the direction it faces.

Place your other chosen crystals around your centre stone, leaving a gap between each one. Think about the geometry pattern you’ve gone with when you place the crystals – are there specific points in the pattern? Once you’ve done this, you can place your quartz points around the outside of the centre stone – these act as stepping stones and help connect each crystal to one another. Remember that the point directs the energy so if you place the points towards the Rose Quartz, it will send the energy into it. If you place the points facing away from the Rose Quartz, the energy will flow out from it. The idea is that the energy flows through each crystal, amplifying your intentions and goals.

Activating Your Crystal Grid:

So now you have your grid set up, you’ll want to cleanse and charge the crystals and the grid. You can use another quartz point to do this or you can just use your hand – its all about the intention! Move your hand or point and go counter clockwise above the grid, and ask that “All and any previous energy is removed from the crystals and grid”. Once you feel you have cleansed it, you now need to charge your grid. This time, go clockwise above the grid with your hand or point and ask that the healing properties of the crystals influence the space for your highest good. You can now set your final intention – for our purpose we can say “I am loved and I radiate a loving energy to myself and people around me”.

You can leave your grid intact for as long as you feel you need to. You can change it whenever you want – just make sure you follow the same steps. Also think about where you want to keep it – perhaps under your bed or on your altar? Have fun with your crystal grid and do what feels right for you!

We sell crystal grid books and starter packs which includes your small quartz points and one large Quartz point! Our crystal sets are also great for forming your crystal grid.

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Self Love

What is self love? Self love is about taking responsibility to care for your wellbeing. I am going to give you some advice and tips on how you can implement this into your life! So grab a drink and get comfortable!

Learning to love yourself can be really hard sometimes because you go face to face with your self beliefs. It’s important to be patient and give yourself the time in your life to understand yourself. Your beliefs about yourself can look like this “I don’t love myself” “nobody loves me” “I’m not good enough”. Once you become aware of these thoughts you can start to change them, it’s important to find out where do they come from? Why do you have these beliefs? Allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise when you think of these beliefs, how does it make you feel? Remember that these types of beliefs are not true but the more you tell yourself they are the more deeply rooted they become.

Let’s do a little exercise, write down your beliefs on a piece of paper, next to each negative belief you have about yourself replace it with a positive affirmation. So your belief may be “I am not good enough” replace it with “I am good enough” “Nobody loves me” replaced with “I am loved” and so on. Now take these positive affirmations and keep them safe, when you are cleaning the house or making dinner, going for a walk basically whenever you can, keep repeating your affirmations to your self, you will start to believe they are true and eventually they will become a core belief.

Sometimes we entertain negative people in our lives and this has an effect on us, it is important to set healthy boundaries in your life, and learning that it is ok to say no. If you feel you have negative people around you that drain your energy a good tip is to ask Archangel Michael to cut any invisible ties to anyone thats not serving your highest purpose or your not serving theirs, once you have done this go about your day and see what happens! It is important to protect yourself spiritually, every night call all your energy back to you from any person, place or situation and let go in your mind of anything that is not serving your highest good. You can do this by placing your feet firmly on the ground and saying “I declare my body grounded to the earth right now and so it is” Imagine a magnet in your body and say “I call all of my energy back to me from any place, person or situation right now and so it is” and imagine the magnet drawing all of your energy back to you. Now say “I send back any energy that is not serving me back to where it came from” and imagine that energy leaving you. Now imagine a white light surrounding your aura and body and say “this is my energy shield and nothing shall have access to my energy without my permission”

Take at least 20 minute’s out of your day to care for yourself, this can be having a relaxing bath, going for a walk, meditating or reading a book. Invest in putting yourself first and loving yourself, finding a passion/hobby, you will essentially put out this loving, caring passionate energy that will put you in alignment with your authentic self, your authentic self is who you truly are without the influence of other people, it is an honest representation of who you are and when you are in alignment with this you will start to see miracles happen around you! Trust yourself, love yourself and be patient with yourself. It is ok to have bad days the light cannot exist without darkness, its yin yang energy. We cannot appreciate the good days without learning from the bad days. We are always evolving and learning!

A book I would recommend is “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay, you can order this on the website, in store or over the phone!

Have an amazing day and remember how great and beautiful you are!

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Mercury Retrograde 2022

I can see the collectives eyes rolling already, when you realise Mercury is going retrograde again we start blaming our problems on the transit, BUT did you know you can actually use this energy to benefit your life? Its not all doom and gloom! Its actually a great time for reflecting and adjusting!

Mercury will go retrograde on the 10th May and last till the 3rd of June, but the shadow phase will start 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after, bringing us to the 17th June. During the shadow phase we will feel the effects of the transit the strongest, this is because before and after the transit Mercury will be stationed, meaning energy is still and stagnant. Before it will be a time to prepare and after will be a time to reflect and process the energy shift. Mercury will be going retrograde in its home sign Gemini, and Mercury is the planet of communication. Conversation’s may be a bit confusing, it will be wise to avoid conversations that aren’t really going anywhere, but do keep in mind to be considerate. Try to actually listen to people and think about how you are going to respond to them.

There may be tower moments during this period, when the little switch is turned on inside you and you think “aha”. Remember we are always learning things about ourselves and life. Become aware of these moments and figure out why has it happened what was triggered? Start a journal and write things down so you can always reflect back on it, there will be lessons to be learned and you can only learn them when you are aware of them!

If you feel like an air head, that’s because Mercury is retrograde in an air sign! It is a good time to meditate to become aware of your thoughts, centre and ground yourself and again journal them! Journaling is a great tool to get your thoughts onto paper so you can muddle through them more clearly, ask yourself “where are these thoughts coming from?” “what emotions do these thoughts bring up for me?” When you ask yourself questions like this it is a good way of becoming more self aware, and remember if thoughts are worrying you or giving you anxiety ask yourself “can I control this situation?” If you can’t then try to let go of the thought, and if you can control the situation ask yourself, “Is it as bad is what my head is telling me?” “how can I put a positive perspective on this thought?”

Finally, although the energies can be intense and strong during Mercury retrograde and can make you feel exhausted because things may not be going the way you expected them to, be kind to yourself. The planet will go direct again its just a phase and it will pass. Use this transit as an opportunity to learn about yourself and reflect on what needs to be adjusted in your life!

Sending lots of love and light your way!


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Lunar Living

How do you go with the flow of the moon? Well, on the 30th April we have a new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, this will be the second new moon of the month, it is called a “black moon”. New moon energy is all about planting the seeds, so it’s time to focus on what you want to manifest and set your intentions. As the new moon will be in Taurus, we will have a look at the energy Taurus brings us and combine that energy with the phase of the moon so you can harness this energy in the best way.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the feminine planet Venus, the planet of love. Taurus brings strong, sturdy, reliable and protective energy. This new moon is going to encourage us to re align ourselves with what we desire in our life, questions to ask yourself will be “Does the life I desire align with my beliefs and values? “What negative blocks have I got that is stopping me from reaching my full potential?” “Do I truly believe that I am worthy of the life I desire?”. These are very important questions to ask yourself, in order to manifest your desired life you need to believe you are worthy of it and I mean truly believe. If you feel it is not aligned with your values and beliefs, you need to either re evaluate your values and beliefs or what it is you are asking the Universe for. When you think of your desired life does it light up a spark inside you? Does it resonate with who you are? When it lights up your soul thinking about it, sit with them feelings and believe it is yours already and hold on to the feelings it gives you, the more you feel it the more you believe it and the more you believe it the more you attract it into your life.

Get a pen and paper its prompt time! Start to write down what you want to manifest on paper, writing this down allows you to physically see what you are manifesting, and also physically send it out to the universe to deliver back to you! You should start to feel all the positive feelings it gives you whilst doing this, and don’t forget to show your gratitude for the universe/higher source for where you are right now in your life and where you will be in your life. Once you have written down what you want to manifest you can fold your piece of paper towards you and keep it safe (I normally keep it under my pillow for the night and then place in my journal to reflect on at a later date)

Once you have written your manifestations down you can do a little energy clearing exercise to release any negative blocks and any negative energy. Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and say “I declare my body grounded to the earth right now and so it is” Now visualise a magnet in your stomach and say out loud “I call all of my energy back home to me that may have been taken without my permission” and visualise your energy being attracted back to the magnet in your stomach. Now visualise butterflies surrounding you landing on your body and say out loud “I release any negative blocks and energy that is holding me back and I send it back to where it came from wrapped in love & light. Visualise the butterflies taking this away from you. Finally, visualise a white light inside and surrounding your body and aura and say “This is my energy shield, nothing shall have access to my energy without my permission”.

Remember to stay true to yourself and when you feel like nothing is happening come back to the energy clearing exercise, and to your manifestation letter and allow your self to sit with the feelings it gives you! Remember to BELIEVE in yourself and know you deserve the life you desire!