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Changing your thoughts and reality

Many of us forget that we are in fact in control of our thoughts and reality. Let’s talk about how we can take control of our thoughts and reality and show up as the best version of ourselves.

Our thoughts affect our reality, it triggers an emotion which triggers a body reaction that makes us act in a certain way. This creates a mental pattern which we end up sub consciously repeating which in return alters our reality.

Our thoughts about ourself and how we perceive the world are based around our core beliefs. Core beliefs are deeply rooted under the surface of everything. Acknowledging our core beliefs is the first step so we can work on changing them which will help the process of changing your thoughts.

The pattern:

Core belief (The way we view ourselves/world based on experiences) “I am not worthy of love, my father wasn’t in my life, he didn’t care about me and I never received his love”

Activating event (Something happens which is problematic for us)A partner ends the relationship with you.

Thoughts (How we interpret the event. This will be effected by the situation we are in, our core beliefs, and previous experiences of similar situations) “I am not good enough for love, what is wrong with me? Why can people not love me. I am not worthy of love”

Emotions (What we feel following the event. This will be effected by our interpretation. We may feel a range of emotions)“I feel sadness, I feel angry, I feel confused, I feel fearful”

Behaviour (Taking into consideration all of the above, we act on the event)An insecure attachment style is formed which affects the behaviour, you may behave clingy and needy in a relationship, and behave in a selfish, manipulative way when you become vulnerable or shy away completely from relationships.

How can we change this mental pattern?

To change this pattern we must go inwards so we can dive deep into our core beliefs and face them. Write a list out of all the things you believe to be true about yourself and the world. It’s important to remember when you do this exercise to be completely honest with yourself.

Our core beliefs can be changed, if you write on your list “I am not worthy of a happy and healthy relationship” write the opposite next to it “I am worthy of a happy and healthy relationship” the key to this exercise is to use the opposite statement as an affirmation always speak in the present tense “I AM”. Repeat these affirmations to your self everyday the more you say this you will start to believe it. It may be hard at first but when you start to really feel it you will condition it as a core belief.

When an activating event happens and it triggers thoughts, you may feel more comfortable to fall back into old thoughts patterns but you need to challenge these thoughts, you can do this by keeping a thought record. I personally like to act as if I take my thoughts into a court. See an example below for how I process my negative thoughts:

Put your thought into the dock (What is the negative thought bothering me?)

Defence (What evidence do I have to suggest this thought is true? What solid facts do I have to bring forward to convince the jury this is accurate?)

Prosecution (What evidence do I have to suggest this thought is false? What solid facts do I have to bring forward to the jury to discredit this thought?)

Jury (A jury’s job is to weigh up the evidence for and against the thought, they have to set aside feelings and make a balanced judgement based on the evidence presented)

Verdict (Given with all the evidence presented what do you think of the original thought now? What is a balanced and realistic way of looking at the thought now? Sum up your new way of thinking)

What’s next?

Now you have started to affirm your new core beliefs about yourself and challenging any negative thoughts you will be starting to feel more positive and balanced in life. You are learning to be more self aware, you are getting to know yourself better, and you have more of an idea of what you want in life. When you feel good about yourself and your way of thinking is more balanced it becomes easier to manifest your desires because you are now feeling you are worthy of everything you desire in life.

Write out what you desire in your life, write in the present tense as if you already have it. (“I am grateful for the healthy, loving relationships I have in my life”) think about how you would feel if you had your desire in your life, if you desired a healthy, loving relationship, you would feel happiness, joy, excitement etc. Focus on thoughts that make you feel like this this and you will start to attract this into your life!

We have some books on how our thoughts and words affect the experiences we have in our daily lives, and how we can use affirmations to attract our desired life. We also have a Self – Healing crystal set to help you on your healing journey.

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Trusting Your Intuition

What exactly your intuition, how can you recognise it and trust it? Sometimes our intuition and anxieties and fears can get mixed up, so lets look at the difference between the two.

Intuition is where you have that inner voice telling you something that you just know is right, there is no doubts or fear – you just simply know from within. You don’t have any feelings with your intuition, you are just neutral. Anxiety and fears trigger feelings that comes from a place of past trauma – its your defence mechanism. We think with our head which then triggers the feelings of worry/fear. Sometimes we believe this is our intuition telling us something because it is so strong. Your intuition will always be crystal clear, however we can choose to ignore our intuition which will then end up causing stress and turmoil because you then try to squash it with your ego because it wants to control the outcome of a situation to protect you. Think of your intuition as your higher self, it only has your best interest that sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone, but you need to trust that your intuition is aligning you with your purpose.

Learning to be more mindful can help you tap into your intuition and not let anxiety and fear get the better of you. Try meditating and quieting your mind from external noise, and go inwards. Ask yourself “what do I need to know right now”. Images or a voice might come to you. Or if you are asking a yes or no question pay attention to your body language, if you are closed off such as arms crossed head bowed, that could mean no. Arms open, head high, smiling could mean yes. You will know what is right because it will be your intuition telling you! Everything happens with practice so keep practicing!

If it is your anxiety and fear putting you into protective mode, ask your higher self to help guide you to understand why you’re feeling fearful and anxious and pay attention to what comes to mind. What body sensations are happening, if any, and where in your body are you feeling this? It is a good idea to journal so you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings. Remember thoughts can trigger feelings, but thoughts can also be changed therefore you can change the way you feel. YOU are in control!

Meditation and journaling can help you become more self aware, and if you are more self aware you will start recognising what your intuition is and what your anxieties and fears are. There is some useful books we sell online and in the shop that can help you learn to be more mindful as well as meditation incense to fill your space with a peaceful aroma. If you struggle with meditating we also have a guided meditation CD Carolina, The Soul Coach!

There are also lots of crystals that help with intuition, especially those linked to your third eye chakra. Try carrying or meditating with crystals such as Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite as these will help you connect with your intuition. We have a crystal set for intuition as well!

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The Evil Eye & Hamsa Hand

These are probably two of the most recognisable talismans in the world, but do you know the meaning behind them? Both are rich in history and have been used in so many different cultures and religion, but predominately they are used as a sign of protection.

The Evil Eye

In all cultures, religions, myths and traditions, chances are there is reference to the evil eye/ all seeing eye. Originating in Greece, this symbol is a popular element and is seen in countless forms including jewellery, stories and paintings. But what is the meaning behind it?

The evil eye is a curse from Greek culture that has been passed through many decades – it dates back to 3,000BC! It states that when someone is envious of you, they have the power to give you an ‘evil glare’ and send bad luck your way. Obviously this isn’t ideal, so people sought out protection from this evil eye.

One of the most popular forms of protection is wearing the evil eye symbol on jewellery which acts as a repellent and reflects the power of the evil eye. Typically the eye is blue and white, but you can get different colours which have additional meanings. For example, an orange colour can also represent happiness and creativity, whilst dark blue is for karma.

If your reasons for wearing an evil eye bracelet is related to emotions, such as fear, love etc, then wear it on your left wrist. This is because the left hand side of your body is related to your heart and emotions. If you were wearing it to help with areas outside of your personal life, such as career, money etc, then you wear it on your right wrist. This is because the right hand side of your body is our analytical and logic side.

The Hamsa Hand

This symbol was first seen in ancient Mesopotamia, which is now part of the Middle East. It is one of the most popular symbols for protection against the evil eye. It is traditionally seen as a hand with two thumbs pointing in opposite directions and three fingers in the middle. It is often depicted with a large evil eye in the centre of the palm.

In an upright position, it is a sign against evil. It repels negativity of others and protects you from your own negative thoughts such as greed, envy and hatred. The fingers may be spread apart to repel evil.

If the hand faces downwards, the Hamsa represents abundance and goodness. The fingers are generally closer together, as an invitation for good things to flow into your life.

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Carolina’s Travels: The Start

As I write this, Will and I find ourselves in a beautiful studio high up on a hill in Paros, Greece; and, as travelling for me seems to do, I have been spending the day reflecting on how come Will and I are here – the twists and turns of life that have led us to here. 

As you may be aware I opened Quest, our beautiful haven of tranquillity in 2007. I knew when I opened it, that I was just the custodian and it has grown beyond what I ever thought, and it is now in the hands of such an amazing, incredible group of women. It’s been an amazing 15 years and I am looking forward to being part of the next phase of Quest…

Over the years I believe we are always striving for more, looking for the next thing to obtain, secure, and buy, however rarely do we take a moment to acknowledge the path we have taken to get us where we are. That’s what I have been doing today reflecting and appreciating all the people, the synchronicities, and the universe, for where I am now. 

Every single one of us is on our own journey of life and every one of us is living the life that we have manifested from the decisions we have made in the past. I have made some great ones and like many, I’m sure I have made some dubious ones.

At some point in our life the opportunity to turn inwards is available to us all and with that comes a greater sense of fulfilment and joy. I have been doing that for several years now, and can honestly say thank goodness I have… I’m grateful to all my mentors who have helped me from the lady (from my work experience) when I was 16 who believed in me and gave me such a glowing reference, to all the people that encouraged me, took a risk employing me (I wasn’t very good at school!) to the spiritual mentors that are helping me now – to you all I am very grateful. We never know the impact we have on others, a helping hand there, an encouraging word, a smile – we all have an impact on the vibration of the world and every action, word has a ripple effect.

When I was 22 (33 years ago) I worked for ‘Prudential’ for 9 years, it was a big risk for the manager at the time to take on a female and one so young too… I’m very grateful to him for taking that risk as that has a big impact on our lives now for a couple of reasons, I had the greatest training in the corporate world and not only that I was very lucky to have a final salary pension with them (which meant nothing to me at the time). Now I am aged 55, and can take out that pension, which has lead Will and me to make the decision to travel and work remotely – who would have thought that, that decision made at age 22 would have such a big impact on our lives now!

Who knows what the future holds all we can do is what we think/feel right in the now knowing it will be impactful to our life.

All the while, the Universe will allow Will and myself to travel more, working from various places around the world. Not only are we digital nomads, I’m also offering remote mentoring and healing from where ever we are, we have lots of exciting adventures ahead and I hope to be able to share them with you!

Stay safe & lots of love,

Carolina (@thesoulcoach) x

Find Carolina’s blogs here – they’re released fortnightly! And make sure you check her out on Facebook and Instagram @thesoulcoach to follow her travels around the world!

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Self Love

What is self love? Self love is about taking responsibility to care for your wellbeing. I am going to give you some advice and tips on how you can implement this into your life! So grab a drink and get comfortable!

Learning to love yourself can be really hard sometimes because you go face to face with your self beliefs. It’s important to be patient and give yourself the time in your life to understand yourself. Your beliefs about yourself can look like this “I don’t love myself” “nobody loves me” “I’m not good enough”. Once you become aware of these thoughts you can start to change them, it’s important to find out where do they come from? Why do you have these beliefs? Allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise when you think of these beliefs, how does it make you feel? Remember that these types of beliefs are not true but the more you tell yourself they are the more deeply rooted they become.

Let’s do a little exercise, write down your beliefs on a piece of paper, next to each negative belief you have about yourself replace it with a positive affirmation. So your belief may be “I am not good enough” replace it with “I am good enough” “Nobody loves me” replaced with “I am loved” and so on. Now take these positive affirmations and keep them safe, when you are cleaning the house or making dinner, going for a walk basically whenever you can, keep repeating your affirmations to your self, you will start to believe they are true and eventually they will become a core belief.

Sometimes we entertain negative people in our lives and this has an effect on us, it is important to set healthy boundaries in your life, and learning that it is ok to say no. If you feel you have negative people around you that drain your energy a good tip is to ask Archangel Michael to cut any invisible ties to anyone thats not serving your highest purpose or your not serving theirs, once you have done this go about your day and see what happens! It is important to protect yourself spiritually, every night call all your energy back to you from any person, place or situation and let go in your mind of anything that is not serving your highest good. You can do this by placing your feet firmly on the ground and saying “I declare my body grounded to the earth right now and so it is” Imagine a magnet in your body and say “I call all of my energy back to me from any place, person or situation right now and so it is” and imagine the magnet drawing all of your energy back to you. Now say “I send back any energy that is not serving me back to where it came from” and imagine that energy leaving you. Now imagine a white light surrounding your aura and body and say “this is my energy shield and nothing shall have access to my energy without my permission”

Take at least 20 minute’s out of your day to care for yourself, this can be having a relaxing bath, going for a walk, meditating or reading a book. Invest in putting yourself first and loving yourself, finding a passion/hobby, you will essentially put out this loving, caring passionate energy that will put you in alignment with your authentic self, your authentic self is who you truly are without the influence of other people, it is an honest representation of who you are and when you are in alignment with this you will start to see miracles happen around you! Trust yourself, love yourself and be patient with yourself. It is ok to have bad days the light cannot exist without darkness, its yin yang energy. We cannot appreciate the good days without learning from the bad days. We are always evolving and learning!

A book I would recommend is “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay, you can order this on the website, in store or over the phone!

Have an amazing day and remember how great and beautiful you are!

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Lunar Living

How do you go with the flow of the moon? Well, on the 30th April we have a new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, this will be the second new moon of the month, it is called a “black moon”. New moon energy is all about planting the seeds, so it’s time to focus on what you want to manifest and set your intentions. As the new moon will be in Taurus, we will have a look at the energy Taurus brings us and combine that energy with the phase of the moon so you can harness this energy in the best way.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the feminine planet Venus, the planet of love. Taurus brings strong, sturdy, reliable and protective energy. This new moon is going to encourage us to re align ourselves with what we desire in our life, questions to ask yourself will be “Does the life I desire align with my beliefs and values? “What negative blocks have I got that is stopping me from reaching my full potential?” “Do I truly believe that I am worthy of the life I desire?”. These are very important questions to ask yourself, in order to manifest your desired life you need to believe you are worthy of it and I mean truly believe. If you feel it is not aligned with your values and beliefs, you need to either re evaluate your values and beliefs or what it is you are asking the Universe for. When you think of your desired life does it light up a spark inside you? Does it resonate with who you are? When it lights up your soul thinking about it, sit with them feelings and believe it is yours already and hold on to the feelings it gives you, the more you feel it the more you believe it and the more you believe it the more you attract it into your life.

Get a pen and paper its prompt time! Start to write down what you want to manifest on paper, writing this down allows you to physically see what you are manifesting, and also physically send it out to the universe to deliver back to you! You should start to feel all the positive feelings it gives you whilst doing this, and don’t forget to show your gratitude for the universe/higher source for where you are right now in your life and where you will be in your life. Once you have written down what you want to manifest you can fold your piece of paper towards you and keep it safe (I normally keep it under my pillow for the night and then place in my journal to reflect on at a later date)

Once you have written your manifestations down you can do a little energy clearing exercise to release any negative blocks and any negative energy. Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and say “I declare my body grounded to the earth right now and so it is” Now visualise a magnet in your stomach and say out loud “I call all of my energy back home to me that may have been taken without my permission” and visualise your energy being attracted back to the magnet in your stomach. Now visualise butterflies surrounding you landing on your body and say out loud “I release any negative blocks and energy that is holding me back and I send it back to where it came from wrapped in love & light. Visualise the butterflies taking this away from you. Finally, visualise a white light inside and surrounding your body and aura and say “This is my energy shield, nothing shall have access to my energy without my permission”.

Remember to stay true to yourself and when you feel like nothing is happening come back to the energy clearing exercise, and to your manifestation letter and allow your self to sit with the feelings it gives you! Remember to BELIEVE in yourself and know you deserve the life you desire!

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An Adventure in The Making

Will (my husband) and I have always wanted to travel. We both like to be free, we are always up for and enjoy an adventure. Whether it’s a morning by the sea or visiting somewhere we haven’t been before, we have always enjoyed experiences over anything physical – ‘stuff’.

We had our daughters when we were in our 20s, life happened, we travelled a bit, but the idea still stuck in our minds; that we would travel when we were older. Over the last few years, conversations between us turn to our retirement, travel, we chat about what are going to do, daydream and come up with many ideas (shall we get a van, move to the country, let go of Quest or have a second shop, buy a house abroad, get a canal boat…etc), yet none of them have felt right and it just hasn’t been the right time. Will reached another decade last year (ouch) and we thought the time is really upon us to make some changes… But what would we do? Where we would we go?

Let us take you through our considerations. Quest is happy and the Quest Team is brilliant, so we know we don’t need to worry about it: it’s in good hands. Our daughters are happy and independent, our health is currently good, we are not materialistic, therefore we don’t need a big house and all that comes with its day-to-day running. We like adventure, we love nature, we would like to travel, experience different cultures. Even though it could be prudent to wait for another year or two until the pandemic is well and truly in the distant past, the current situation in Ukraine is over; we concluded there would always be something to stop us.

So, this year, in April we are leaving our home and downsizing to stay in a tiny cabin on the edge of Boxhill. I know some of you have already visited it on a Bliss retreat, healing / meditation session or an evening meditation. If you have, you would know it is literally on the edge of the world…. It’s in nature, with amazing views; we can go for lots of walks, every day breathe the fresh air, and the best thing is we can leave it at any moment, as it will take care of itself, so we can go on our travels to far and distant lands. The other upside is that, of course, we will continue being close enough for us to continue to work in Quest and run all my workshops, courses and more. Our daughter and her boyfriend will get to enjoy our home, whilst Will and I turn into carefree, non-materialistic nomads.

We have running water, electricity, but a camping toilet (yuck). We have to cross a field to get to the cabin which will be fun in the rain, and the mud, but hey ho we will be living the dream (so we hope)…

Currently, Will is busy decorating it. We have visitors that we hadn’t planned for and are trying to move those little visitors out… We have blinds up at the windows now, otherwise the surrounding neighbourhood might have seen more than they bargained for… We have also had hot water and a teeny weeny washing machine plumbed in.

If you have been to my home, you will know I am very minimalist, however the amount of stuff I have cleared out and let go of has surprised me. I cannot believe how much I have accumulated and held on to, we keep clearing and then clearing again, we have very little room as you will soon see and I have been asking myself what do I need? Like, what do I really need?

I realised, I don’t need very much at all.

Once I let go of all my possessions and started again from scratch, it felt good and it feels good now, clearing out things that I haven’t read or done or that don’t bring me joy any more.

So the countdown has begun, Spring is on its way, the clocks are springing forward and the warmer weather is on its way – thank goodness. We have some challenges ahead, and other things to consider, which I will share with you over the next coming weeks (with lots of photos of course). I will keep you updated with the fun, tears and antics of cabin life with my new series – Carolina @ The Cabin, across my social media; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, blogs and more; for whoever would be interested in how one lives in a small cabin, like, a really small cabin.

Love, Carolina x

This is from The Soul Coach’s fortnightly blog. Check the blogs out for yourself here!

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The Power of Reiki

What is Reiki?
The basis of Reiki is that the body has an innate ability to heal itself over time. However when we are feeling stressed, ill or anxious, our bodies prioritise energy for critical processes and we are not completely healed.  Reiki is a non-intrusive healing treatment where the Reiki practitioner boosts the energy within a body, which can then be used to heal. This extra energy is known as the Universal Energy, and is the building block for every object and every living thing; from your dishwater to your thoughts. The Universal Energy is intelligent and works on all levels; the mind, body, emotion and spirit. Your body knows exactly where this energy is needed, allowing for total harmony and balance to be restored.

Where does Reiki come from?
Although there are many references to Reiki in ancient times, it was rediscovered by a Japanese born Buddhist monk, Dr Usui, in the 1800’s. Whilst Dr Usui was working in a Christian School, he became interested in the stories of Jesus’ healing hands, and he set out to obtain these healing properties himself. His travels took him across the World and he eventually ended up at the holy mountains of Kori Yama. Here, he fasted and meditated for 21 days in order to attain a high state of consciousness. On the last day, a spiritual energy come down onto the top of his head and provided him the knowledge of the healing. He called it Reiki.

Who is Reiki for?
Reiki can be performed on any gender, any age.  It is completely safe to use Reiki in conjunction with other complementary therapies and conventional medical treatments. Reiki has no religious connections or belief systems; it is available to everyone who may wish to receive it.  Many practices have adapted the Reiki principles, and the use of Universal Energy can now be seen in Yoga, and Tai Chi.

How can Reiki help?
Reiki can be beneficial in many situations. It is especially effective during times of stress, which many of us suffer from due to our hectic lives. When our bodies are stressed, our bodies are in a constant ‘flight or fight’ mode, meaning our energy is being used up unnecessarily to fight an invisible threat. This could result in a decrease in productivity and creativity and an increase in anxiousness when dealing with important decisions. All this has a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing.

Reiki will help add calm to your life and restore balance. Your body can use the Universal Energy to clear your mind, opening it to new ideas and possibilities. You can have an increase in productivity and stamina. Reiki can also be focused on a specific part of the body, such as an injury or discomfort, and can speed up recovery and relieve any tension. Other Reiki benefits also include;

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved sleep
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Deeper connection to your higher sel

Everyone’s Reiki experience is different, and your benefits may differ from others depending on what your body needs. These benefits may be felt instantly, or more than one session may be required.

At Quest, we offer Reiki treatments by our experienced Reiki Masters Carolina, Alison and Liz. Find out more information here!

And if you wanted to learn Reiki yourself, check out our Reiki Training Courses here!


My Journey to Spirituality

Firstly, a big hello and welcome to my first blog. So for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Louise…or Lou to my friends and family.  I’m happily married to my husband Alex and we have two beautiful daughters, Emily (11) and Esme (8). I’ve been on quite the journey these past 12 years and I’m going to share my story with you now. May it inspire you and give you the strength and courage to pursue your dreams too.

I’ve always been a very spiritual person and would say that from a young age it’s somethings that’s felt very much part of me. As a teenager, I used to love going to the little spiritual shop in Croydon (the name escapes me at this moment).  Buying mood rings and looking at all the witchy stuff with my friends. I absolutely loved it! As a young adult, I’d dipped in and out of spiritual groups and yoga but that was pretty much it. Then life, as it so often does, got busy and my spiritual journey was put on hold.

The past 12 years of my life have been quite the roller coaster. My dad was diagnosed with cancer the year before I married Alex. During the time of his very short illness, I also became pregnant with our first daughter. We all lived in hope that he’d make it to meet his grandchild and be present at our wedding. However, he sadly lost his fight just a few weeks before Emily was born and several months before our wedding. We had some ‘signs’ on the night after Emily’s arrival that he was very much present and that gave me comfort. Emily will never know, just how much her arrival got me through an incredibly difficult time. She was my rock!

The summer after my dad passed and with Emily just a few months old, Alex and I were married. We could have postponed it, but I knew that my dad wouldn’t have wanted that. We had the most beautiful day surrounded by our friends and family and the sun was shining gloriously. We raised a toast to loved ones who’d departed, but I KNEW my dad was with me that day. I felt his warmth in the sun and his closeness with the gentle breeze. It was those little things that brought me comfort and reassurance.

Life changes when you lose a loved one, but it does have to go on and so did I. I went back to work full-time as a primary school teacher and worked hard to provide for my little family. We found out we were expecting Esme when Emily was just 2.5 years old. We had such wonderful plans for our future together. Sadly, just half way into pregnancy Alex’s father passed away very suddenly and without warning. The months that followed were another of mixed emotions. Grief, sadness, joy and happiness at the arrival of our second daughter. Then two weeks later my nan sadly passed away.  I literally was riding the roller coaster of emotions. It was also during this time that we also started to notice my mum’s mental health wasn’t as it should be. Little did we know then, that two years later she’d be diagnosed with a very rare type of dementia, known as Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

It was in the summer of 2016 that we received the news of her diagnosis. In the three years that followed, I was juggling the roles of mother, wife, part-time teacher and main carer. I cannot put into words the toll it took on my mental and physical health. I was in physical pain and seeing a counsellor privately for my mental health. When my mum sadly passed away in October 2019, my world that I’d tried so hard to keep together just seemed to fall apart. I felt lost. I felt empty. I’d lost all sense of who I was and what I was here for.  This phase is sometimes referred to as dark night of the soul. I was signed off work for a few months and in that time I went back to spirituality. I began searching for reiki courses, as it was something I’d considered years ago, but just did nothing about. That’s when I found the wonderful Carolina – The Soul Coach and my life started to change. 

I remember booking to do my level 1 in March 2020. It just so happened it was the weekend before the first lockdown happened here in the UK. I remember being a little apprehensive because of what was happening in the world, but with the encouragement of my husband and sister, I did it. Words cannot express just what an incredible experience this was for me.  I can hand on heart say my energy completely shifted on my first attunement. I will never forget that moment. I knew after day 1 that reiki was something I wanted to pursue further.

Looking back I can honestly say the timing of my reiki 1 was just perfect – 6 months after losing my mum and just a matter of days after completing reiki 1, we go into lockdown. Grieving, whilst home-schooling two children, working as a teacher online and having a husband who had to go out to work every day would have previously tipped me over the edge, but no! I spent the time healing myself. Healing my grieving children and supporting them in the best way I could. Reiki became part of me. It became part of my life. It gave me joy and purpose again. I continued with my reiki journey and did my level 2 training in September 2020.

2020 for most was hell, but for me it was transformational! It gave me time to heal and grow. I made the decision to return to teaching full-time in September 2020. I’ve always loved working with children and felt that being full-time would bring purpose to my life. Yet, several months in and another national lockdown and I knew this wasn’t me anymore. The job wasn’t the same job I signed up to almost 15 years before. The relentless jumping through hoops was taking its toll on me, my family and my health. I knew I wanted to pursue my reiki professionally, so I made the decision to leave teaching. My colleagues thought I was mad. I had no other job lined up. I hadn’t finished the reiki 2 requirements to allow me to practise professionally but I knew what I wanted to do and I wasn’t prepared to let anyone stop me.

So in the summer of 2021, I left my career, had no job and still hadn’t finished my reiki 2. I knew with every ounce of me, that’d I’d figure something out. I took a HUGE leap of faith and trusted the universe. Let me tell you…the universe did not disappoint! I had three job offers in 1 week. One of which was a job at Quest (which was of course the one I took). I’ve now been at Quest for 7 months but it feels like so much longer, in the best way possible. Carolina and the team there are simply the best. I’ve never worked with such strong and empowering people before. As cheesy as it sounds, we are like family.

What about the reiki? Well I achieved my professional practitioner status in November ’21 and went on to do my masters that very same month. This year I’ve started working towards Master Teacher qualification under the guidance of Carolina and Alison. I’m so excited for what the future has in store. There is so much more in the pipe line. My life has honestly changed for the better. I can feel the magic that spirituality brings every day of my life and I’m so incredibly grateful for finding Carolina. She’s helped me transform my life!

Remember that when you go through trauma in life you have two options, you can sit and let it consume you OR you can rise from those ashes and make your life beautiful. Don’t feel like you have to live a life in the way that society tells you. You do you. Listen to your intuition.  Let your soul guide you and you won’t ever be disappointed.

Love and Light,

Lou xx

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The Spring Equinox

In ancient times, humans all across the world would celebrate the cycles of nature and the seasonal changes. Without advanced technology, such as telescopes and satellites, humans would use the stars and sun to identify these transitions. Even though we are in very different times now, we are all still connected and influenced by the movements of the Earth. By tuning into these shifts, we can harness the Earth’s energy to help us grow, progress and transform.

The Spring Equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the equator – this will be on March 20th this year. This means the Northern Hemisphere tilts more towards the sun, resulting in longer days and warmer temperatures. In earlier times, the Spring Equinox signified the beginning of the new year as it brought regeneration, growth and abundance. Below are our favourite rituals to do at this time as the energy is perfect for them!

Spring Clean:
You’ve no doubt heard the expression ‘Spring Clean’ before, but it’s more than just cleaning your home. The Spring Equinox celebrates new life and rebirth, so honour this time by clearing both yourself and your home so you feel ready to move forward. Look closely at your environment; is there anything that is no longer serving you? Donate old clothes that you don’t wear anymore or fix anything that’s broken. Notice any habits or thoughts that are cluttering your mind and work towards clearing these away. Let your intuition guide you: what do you truly need to release to move forward?

The Time for Creation:
Spring is closely associated with new life and fertility, and brings the arrival of blossom, budding plants and new-born animals. Harness this energy and set out to achieve the new life you dream of. Whilst the Autumn provides the opportunity to clarify your intentions, Spring is the time to act. How can you achieve your goals? Create an action plan that you can follow that will help you reach them. Plant some flower seeds in the garden, focusing on your intentions and goals. Nurture your seeds and let their growth remind you of your potential.

Appreciate the Outside World:
With Spring comes warmer weather and longer days. Even if the British weather brings us rain, there will be signs of Spring all around us. Spending time outside can enhance your wellbeing dramatically, especially after spending the Winter inside, and is known for reducing depression and boosting your mood. Go for walks, sit in the park, have a BBQ or simply let the breeze flow through a window and you will feel uplifted, motivated and full of love. When you are outside, really appreciate the moment by noticing everything around you. Use all of your senses. Can you smell the flowers? Can you hear the birds chirping in the trees? Can you see the baby geese along the pond? Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your face? Bring the outside in by creating an altar in your home with items you find along your walk – a flower, a leaf or a pebble – to remind you that, whatever happens, the Outside World remains constant and available to you.