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Crystal Grids

Have you ever heard of a crystal grid before? A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a grid following a geometry pattern and when crystals are placed in a certain arrangement the energies become even more powerful as the pattern enhances the energy flow. Crystal grids can be used to manifest something you need, set intentions, healing and also be used to during a meditation. The crystal grids themselves can have lots of different geometry patterns on them but one of the most popular patterns is called the “Flower of Life”. The flower of life represents the cycle of creation – it shows how all life came from one source, which is the circle in the middle of the grid.

Setting Up Your Crystal Grid:

So first of all: what is the purpose of your grid? You can set your grid up to fulfil any intention, so think clearly on what you want to achieve. The combination of crystals and sacred geometry greatly strengthens your intention and allows you to manifest much more quickly – so ensure you have your intention set in your mind when you are creating your grid.

The first thing you need is a focus stone that links directly to your intention. Let’s say we are setting up a grid to attract love into your life – you would choose your centre stone thats aligned with that purpose. Let’s use Rose Quartz as our centre stone as its aligned with the heart chakra and opens us up to loving energies. You would place this down in the centre of the grid! Then you can choose another 6 to 12 crystals aligned with the same purpose – this could be amethyst for stress and anxiety, or red aventurine which is for love as well. They can all be of the same crystal or different – do what ever feels right for you! You are also going to need Quartz points as well – quartz is a master healer and amplifier and will direct the energy to flow in the direction it faces.

Place your other chosen crystals around your centre stone, leaving a gap between each one. Think about the geometry pattern you’ve gone with when you place the crystals – are there specific points in the pattern? Once you’ve done this, you can place your quartz points around the outside of the centre stone – these act as stepping stones and help connect each crystal to one another. Remember that the point directs the energy so if you place the points towards the Rose Quartz, it will send the energy into it. If you place the points facing away from the Rose Quartz, the energy will flow out from it. The idea is that the energy flows through each crystal, amplifying your intentions and goals.

Activating Your Crystal Grid:

So now you have your grid set up, you’ll want to cleanse and charge the crystals and the grid. You can use another quartz point to do this or you can just use your hand – its all about the intention! Move your hand or point and go counter clockwise above the grid, and ask that “All and any previous energy is removed from the crystals and grid”. Once you feel you have cleansed it, you now need to charge your grid. This time, go clockwise above the grid with your hand or point and ask that the healing properties of the crystals influence the space for your highest good. You can now set your final intention – for our purpose we can say “I am loved and I radiate a loving energy to myself and people around me”.

You can leave your grid intact for as long as you feel you need to. You can change it whenever you want – just make sure you follow the same steps. Also think about where you want to keep it – perhaps under your bed or on your altar? Have fun with your crystal grid and do what feels right for you!

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