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Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practice for energy flow and blood circulation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is the energy that flows through the body and that for a more balanced well-being, your chi energy needs to flow freely. If your chi energy is stagnant it could be the cause for inflammation which can also lead to chronic pain. It is thought that rubbing the skin’s surface breaks up this energy and allows it to flow freely which reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

The Gua Sha is a smooth edged flat tool that you rub your face and body with – you can also use a facial roller. It has the ability to break down muscular tension as well as move chi energy. Traditionally rubbing the face or body would be done vigorously, it may be slightly painful at first but with practice it become less uncomfortable because you reduce the inflammation, easing the tension and puffiness. The Gua Sha can also help promote lymphatic drainage – in the body our lymphatic system circulates lymph fluid when we move and contract our muscles, as we don’t really use our facial muscles much the Gua Sha can promote lymphatic drainage which will give your face a more toned and sculpted appearance.

How to use a Gua Sha or facial roller:

When using a Gua Sha or facial roller it is important to make sure you have facial/body oil on or a serum as it needs to glide over your skin and not cause friction. Start off by cleansing your face and applying oil/serum, keep the Gua Sha flat and glide it in an upwards and outwards direction only, you can start off pressing lightly and get more firmer the more you do it, when doing it under your eyes make sure you only ever press lightly. Take a look below for directions on using a Gua Sha on face and body.

Where to find a Gua Sha or facial roller?

We sell a Rose Quartz and Quartz Gua Sha and a beautiful facial roller with little flowers embedded in the handle as well as a mini Jade roller. Order online or come visit us in store!

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