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The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Salt!

Salt itself is a mineral that has been used for many years across the world. Traditionally, people visited salt mines and caves to improve their mood and overall sense of calm. With their new popularity, , there are now endless products that can help improve your mood without having to go to a salt cave!

So how does Himalayan Salt work?
It’s all about ions. Salt is abundant in negative ions and can help counteract and balance any positive ions in the air or your body. These positive ions can be caused by electromagnetic devices, radiation, negative energy, and excess moisture etc.

Think of a thunderstorm. Usually, you can feel the tension in the air before it strikes. This is because there is a build-up of positive ions released from the electrical charge of the storm. It feels heavy. Then the storm breaks and the rain falls. The rain is full of salt, and the negative irons balance out the positive ions. This makes the air feel clearer and more comfortable.

This is the exact same thing that’s happens to you. By letting the Himalayan salt counteract any ions in your home and body, you will feel more comfortable and at ease. It can absorb any of the electronic radiation from your devices, helping you to sleep better. It helps filter the air, removing any foreign particles so you can breathe better (especially if you suffer with allergens). Look at our salt lamps – they have endless benefits and look fantastic too!

Himalayan Bath Salts are fantastic at clearing your energy and removing any negative energy or blockages. It can help rebalance and reactive our body’s electrical current, stimulate blood circulation and increase moisture retention.

A Himalayan Salt oil burner has two uses in one! Like a traditional oil burner, you add your favourite essential oils to the top with some water. The Himalayan salt tealight holder below will heat up the oil mixture and release the smell into the air. Not only do you feel the benefit from the salt, but also from all the different essential oils.

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