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The Dream World

Does anyone else wake up and remember their really crazy dream and think what was that trying to tell me?! Sometimes we don’t remember them, actually 95% of the time we don’t remember our dreams. We can set intentions to remember them more often and we can also learn a lot from our dreams.

Dreams occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, this stage normally happens after the first 90 minutes of sleeping. We dream for about 2 hours a night and have several dreams that last anywhere between 5 to 20 miniutes. During REM stage our eyes are rapidly moving in all directions but they are not sending any visual information to our brain although our brain is active during this stage.

We can learn things from our dreams – you can start a dream journal to record them and notice any patterns in your dreams that your subconscious may be trying to show you. You should keep this journal on your bedside table so when you wake up you can write your dream out straight away or you may forget if you leave it too long. You can set intentions to remember your dreams as well. Once you are relaxed and have regulated your breathing say the following “tonight I will remember my dream, I have fantastic dream recall”. The more often you practice this affirmation the more you will start to remember your dreams so you can start to follow patterns in your dream journal.

We have the power to control our dreams narrative, characters and environment. This is called Lucid Dreaming – you become aware that you are dreaming and gain some control. Lucid dreaming has some benefits to it such as becoming more self aware of our thoughts and emotions and also bringing out your creativity whilst you sleep! We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so its pretty cool we can become conscious whilst being unconscious! You can start practicing to lucid dream by asking yourself throughout the day whilst you are awake “Am I dreaming right now?” the more often you ask yourself this you will end up asking yourself the same question whilst you are sleeping and then you will have the “AHA I’m dreaming” moment!

Remember everything happens with practice so keep practicing and keep journaling. There are so many books out there that can help you interpret your dreams, how to dream journal and lucid dream! There is even some crystals that can help you, Blue Howlite is great for encouraging dream recall and Caribbean Calcite can help aid in lucid dreaming! Have a look at some of the products below that we sell online and in the shop that can help you with your dreaming adventures!

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