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The Wealth Corner

According to Tibetan Feng Shui, each area of your home corresponds to a certain aspect of life such as career, relationships and health. The Bagua is a tool you can use to identify the different areas of your home. Your home is a representation of your life, so if a certain area is untidy, full of clutter or needs decorating, then you may find that the aspect of life the section represents is out of balance too.

The Wealth Corner is found in the upper left hand side corner, with your back against the door. You can use the bagua on a particular room or the house as a whole. This area is all about wealth, prosperity and abundance – and includes not just material wealth, but prosperity of all kinds. It also has strong links with self worth, as our ability to receive wealth and abundance is influenced by how we value ourselves.

The first step when working with Feng Shui is clutter clearing. If the section is untidy, with broken objects or undecorated walls, then this can influence the wealth in your life. Think about what it could represent metaphorically e.g. a dusty area could suggest that you don’t manage your finances regularly enough. Work on the section, getting rid of anything that no longer works or repainting the walls. Once you’ve done this, you can start thinking about incorporating items that will help enhance your wealth and abundance. Try adding the following:

The Chinese Money Frog has been used for centuries to bring in financial abundance. In Chinese folklore, the legendary three-legged toad is thought to have the ability to produce gold and silver coins from its mouth. This toad lived on the moon with Liu Hai, the God of Wealth.

A Wealth Charm includes Chinese symbols that represent prosperity and good luck. Chinese coins called I Ching signify success and wealth – the circular shape represents heaven whilst the inner square is earth. The idea is that by harnessing these two, you will be successful. The red eternal knot signifies longevity and vitality.

There are several crystals that represent abundance and prosperity. Try placing a cluster or a few tumblestones in this section to promote these energies!

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